I have a wacky theory

Stay with me here.

I think that the sooner you got invited to the Stress test the sooner you will be invited to the actual Beta. My theory goes they already have the lists and went though them to invite those players to the Stress test who are higher up the Beta list first.

So, those invited in the first few hours to the Stress test will get a Beta invite sooner than others.

So wacky or just odd enough to be true?

Edit: Here it is.

Groups in order of beta invites. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Before stress test 1 group 1 gets invited to the beta
For the stress test 1 groups 2. 3. 4. get invited stress test, data analysed
After stress test 1 group 2. gets invited to beta.

For the stress test 2 groups 3. 4. 5. 6. get invited to stress test, data analysed
After stress test 2 group 3. gets invited to beta.


Its wacky. And most likely invalid, since they had been going fairly strongly on account creation, and the stress test jumps all over the place.


They said account age was only one of many criteria for invites.

They also said stress test invites didn’t have an effect on who gets to invited to the beta.

Based on what they said I have to disagree with your theory. For beta testing they want players who played actual vanilla (and streamers of course) the goal of beta is to make sure everything is right, not test new content. Someone who started in WoD wouldn’t know if it’s accurate because they never played vanilla.

If you read it I say that people invited early on are more likely to get into the beta, Stress test invite have been going out for about 22 hours I think so the later the invite the less likely you are to get into the beta.

I think a lot of people who actually played Vanilla wouldn’t know if it’s accurate.

That’s true, but at least they’re familiar with it even if their memory isn’t 100% accurate. Some who started post cata has no idea how the old world played.

If I’m honest I would say Blizzzard are not using these tests to gauge players memory for stats and regen numbers, but more likely just to look for bugs.


Can’t wait to see more people in the beta because it feels quite empty sometimes…even at peak hours!

Well no they don’t need that. They have a legit 1.12 build to reference for all the numbers. This is more or less to make sure things like quests and other systems are working properly.

Well, there may be bugs in the regen numbers and stats.

please dont lie to yourself. the beta access its self, IS access to the stress testing. those who got invites to the stress testing, are people who are 100% guaranteed -not- to get a beta invite. in other words; having a beta invite gives you access to the beta AND stress testing. its basically -full access-. but those with just an invite to stress testing, do -not- get access to beta. its limited access. they did it this way for a reason.

You can believe what you believe and I will believe what I believe. Two contrary opinions can exist when no official proof is forthcoming.

Honestly, at this point we’re all like the lotto players convinced that if we pick our numbers at the right time of day, while standing on our left foot and paying with our right eye closed we’ll get winning numbers.

im sorry if you feel i am being rude, but thats far from the case. and its not an opinion. a dev said so [about having a beta invite].

he said that those with beta, can log right into the stress test. no stress test invite required.

It’s crazy.

It’s stupid.

I was invited in the first 1-2hours so…

Lets do it!

But seriously probably not going to happen that way

Would you mind quoting the part which says if you are invited to the stress test only you will never get an invite to the beta? I seem to have missed it.

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I have a wacky theory that I must have said something really stupid in the nearly two years that these forums have been up and that it made me get picked over for the beta.

Just a theory.

i dont think you are understanding. and i dont hold it against you, a lot of people are on edge. but the dev said that those with beta invites, can log right into the stress test with no separate invite required. why would they need to send you a second invite, for a beta, that does the exact same thing? they are not going to send you a beta invite, that gets you into the stress test, after sending you an invite to the stress test. they did it this way for a reason. the point is to create two groups of people; 1] special access/full access and 2] testers.

I previously worked at a gas station and you’d be surprised how many people actually thought the machine knew there numbers and knew not put them out.

Common theme: The longer they’ve been playing the more convinced they were the system was rigged exclusively against them