WoW Classic Stress Test 1

Hate to be that guy, but sanctuaries don’t exist in Classic. PvP is still possible in starting areas. You just have to flag yourself.


This is true, not full Beta access…ONLY stress test access.

Stress test access does NOT equal full Beta access.

Also, during stress test, Beta access will not be available for those who have it.
Conversely when stress test is not being conducted, only full Beta access will be granted if your account is flagged as a full Beta tester.

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It’s already showing up on the launcher?

exactly they need to be more clear to people THIS IS NOT A BETA INVITE.

you will log in to stress test the layering thats why it only goes to lvl 5.

its not a full beta invite.

Why does it need to be more clear?

Isn’t the whole reason you’re not participating because you were able to figure that out?


Are we still able to be invited into the actual beta if invited into the stress test?

So did this happen already or will the selection be between today and tomorrow for the stress test

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I don’t think invites have gone out yet. Refreshing every 5 minutes but maybe I should just take a nap.

I can watch the finale of GoT again so I am better prepared to handle disappointment.


Bro you are beta testing material at its finest.

take your chances they arent clear enough about it.they havent said its a definite beta invite its just to STRESS test layering.

it doent mean you will have a beta invite from my under standing but they could say with a month left of beta we will let evey one in from the stress test.

but i repeat this is not a beta invite.


Hey Blizz, if you really want to stress those servers, how about opening invites up to those who opted-in but have no sub. Just for the stress test.

Hmmm? :innocent:


Sounds like a plan! I’ll help if you want me to just do stuff in a starting zone, hell you can remove my access after too.

I found a bug: there’s onions in my game.

im sure the servers will go down anyway…lol.


Time for some Lv5 raids

Not yet…

I didn’t get in the Beta nor stress test. :frowning:
I submitted bugs in the WoD beta. Account created in Vanilla and the only reason my sub dropped was when my computers died.
I can’t wait.
Been watching streamers play constantly since the beta started.

Ok, was just wondering how you knew you were in.

Wishful thinking? Though I’m starting to think I should stop being helpful in the forums. Don’t want them to keep me out of beta because I’m too useful elsewhere.