I HATE augmentations

So i’m a monk tying to maky my way into tittle by only pugging, cuz i have no enough friends that like to push high keys, and augmentations are making this game really hard, the good ones are already at 3.3k or even higher, for some reasons i bricked my key from a 24 to a 21, mostly because i invite an augmentations that have all the qualifications to be in the key, they completed the key level before the one i’m pugging, they have the score needed for the level of key i’m tying to do, but somehow this spec that was created to GET CARRIED by others, if you dont use your utility as an augmentation evoker, you are as good as dead weight, but for some reason they think “hey im buffing the dps, i’m helping”, but that’s not enough, you’re bad if you think that way, nowdays you can’t tell the difference between a “good” and a “carried player” because augmentations made this game unfair, making some tanks that they are better than they actually are, i’ve bricked some keys (22-24) because tank dies, and they blame the fact that there’s not an auggie in group, this is getting infuriating, i came here to the forums to cry to see if someone reads this, gets enough attention and blizz decides to do something, since their brilliant idea to create a “support class” broke the game so bad that logs had to make a different section, first 1-4 weeks, and afterr because they nerfed auggies and everything revolves around them, same on m+ you can’t do anymore that high of keys bceause the only 5 classes that get to play the game, are the only ones allowed to have fun

if you have any other perspective please let me know i wanna what other think about it

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My man, you really got to use a spell checker.


I mostly wanted to comment that I really believe the title range shouldn’t be a set score for everyone but should be done per spec… Meaning that if you are in the top 0.1% of your spec then you get title.

That would encourage more off-meta play imo since the bar would be set higher for the meta ones.

Not necessarily disagree with the OP though.


this actually sounds like an amazing idea, that way they can do their thing while i could still try to achieve my goals

i mean augvoker is a support class which means it becomes a dead weight if played poorly. dont get me wrong every class and spec can become a carry if the person playing it sucks. the amount of bad spriests and mage this season is testiment to that. its just more apparent with augvoker cause they buff others and doesnt provide its own damage. even tho mechanically and number wise, its the same amount of int.

ultimately this is why if you pug, you have to do the extra work with vetting your invites. vetting being very common place the higher you go last season, this season being different since how easy it is the climb if you climbed thanks to g od comp and thus t he waters are even more muddied than usual

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Someone else can handle interrupts and CC. Even if the evoker can technically do so, it is not mandatory, plus I thought we were in favor of dps efficiency so everything got handled by the healer.

Ebon might uptime >>>> group “utility.” And no, I do not have spare globals to waste on other stuff.

this actually sounds like an amazing idea, that way they can do their thing while i could still try to achieve my goals

Exodia chooses you, isn’t the paradise as you think it is.

, if you dont use your utility as an augmentation evoker, you are as good as dead weight, but for some reason they think “hey im buffing the dps, i’m helping”, but that’s not enough, you’re bad if you think that way, nowdays you can’t tell the difference between a “good” and a “carried player” because augmentations made this game unfair,

We literally came off a meta where time was too precious to be wasted on explosives by anyone outside a healer and a tank.

uptime on ebon might means nothing if the other dps aren’t doing actual dps, that’s why auggies should be the one reponsible for kicking and ccing, yeah others can do it, mages and spriests, or any other dps, but auggies deal NO DAMAGE at all, so, by saying that you dont have spare globals to waste, doesnt leave a good impression of you as an auggie, also we have to remember that right now auggies are the class that have the most aoe interrupts, and by that i dont mean a kick, i mean anything like a Ring of Peace, an AOE stun, Blind, etc… Auggies have more tools than any other dps to disrupt casts

You don’t need all those excuses of why you don’t want to do mechanics.

And we need ebon might to be up for us to do damage, which means sometimes doing mechanics is a huge dps loss, more so than priest or mage.

You don’t know how the spec works.

Different classes have different periods where their damage sucks. If you don’t want to do mechanics, just say so, don’t use the excuse that augmentation evoker should do them because you can’t be bothered, even though you would cause the group to lose less damage overall.

During living flame spam downtime? sure, we can do mechanics. During the last 3 seconds of ebon might uptime? not so much.

When ebon might has super long duration - well, it depends.

Critical casts going off? everyone who has an interrupt off cd is at fault.

An augmentation evoker is not there for you to be lazy, and still do subpar dps.


Just saying those other two Dps don’t put up Crazy numbers if we let Ebon Drop.


Yeah, he doesn’t seem to understand how ebon might uptime works.

Considering he’s “pugging” every key but has the same mage in every one of his best runs, I’m more just guessing the mage wishes he were an aug instead of a monk, lol.

This was because logs weren’t reporting pet damage correctly and fixed it before the new iteration of logs, it had nothing to do with them ‘breaking the game’ or being nerfed,lol.

A tale as old as time. It’s a mid-tier patch and they wanted to launch them strong to collect data, drive adoption, and know where to go from here. Who cares if io score is irrelevant for one season, it’s already a completely arbitrary score.

What lol? All it did was broaden the delta between meta and off-meta. This meta gap was just as present prior to aug, aug just made it way, WAY more apparent.

A large part of aug utility happens naturally as part of the rotation… and as others have pointed out, not maximizing buff uptime/timing is what makes you dead weight.

This is a wild, incoherent rant. People need to relax that something is strong for the end of a tier–it’s not the first or last time this has happened. I know these forums will always have people crying for one reason or another, but it’s getting ridiculous.

IDK bro “tittle” sounds pretty based and I’d definitely pug my way there if I had to.


Is this the new “healers should DPS too” argument but augmentation evoker version…? Lol

Also like others said, you’re rant is nonsense hysterically incoherent.

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This is terribad because the best teams would just abuse the heck out of this and you would still get pushed out. It would create a whole new level of degeneracy that you are not thinking through.

Some formatting would go a long way too. I CBA to read a large wall of text.

My friend if you’re bricking keys cause you don’t have an Aug then that is more a you problem. What was the comp of those keys? How far were you off? There are a ton of factors here that need to be looked at before you blame a class you didn’t have in your group.


I think he’s expecting because he invited an augmentation evoker, he doesn’t have to do mechanics anymore.

Just like how people offloaded explosives to tank and healer, and are surprised, that while pugging, they died.

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Well we dislike you too and thus you get no buff now

This a million times. I don’t get why people don’t understand this, the meta was quickly forming after bear, holy pally and mage reword/buffs all aug did was come in and take the last spot

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but auggies deal NO DAMAGE at all


I beg to differ here as I routinely pull ~85k - ~100k DPS on MYTHIC ZAQUALI ASSAULT where roughly 60% is OTHER PLAYERS and the other 40% is MY DPS.

As for utilities in keys, I cc when I can I dispel afflicted when I can and I also will sleep or landslide mobs and will wing blast or tail swipe casters when I’ve run out of cc options.

So no. You cant say evokers don’t use utility or are dead weight in a key or a mythic raid. Go look at some actual logs and get back to me on that.

this, people think aug is the reason the meta exists when its literally every reworked spec being absolutely broken and a dungeon design that favored the utility of shadowpriest more. btw aug damage wise is weaker than alot of other specs, the only thing keeping it afloat is its utility. next season we’ll probably see a fall of auggie especially if they make ebon might not effect ther auggies and tanks

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This is like bragging about being world first LFR.

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