I guess the alliance doesn't matter to blizzard

Their solution to high queue times where one faction greatly outnumbers the other is to…eliminate the smaller faction entirely?

That’s really the best idea they could come up with?

I don’t even pvp and even I’m outraged at the level of incompetence on display. Do they want this game to become just another trash retail game where everyone gets what they want at all times?

What they should have done was offered free FACTION changes for horde. The same way they offered free REALM transfers for high pop realms.

That Balances out the factions, solves the queue issues, allows you to keep your progress when you reroll, and promotes the core identity of faction vs faction.

If you pvp there is now ZERO reason to play alliance. I don’t care if you despise the alliance. Even forum trolls know that this is a terrible solution.

But its blizzard so can you really say you’re surprised?

Edit: thanks for flagging my post immediately. Really shows how mature and willing people are to talk about this issue.


We just want to play ask for alliance incentives you can have war mode. You can have more honor more gold faster mounts take your pick we horde honestly don’t care. We just expect when we get off work and have 2 hours to play and all we want to do is bg and wasted all our time leveling just to bg we expect when we click que we find a game and promptly otherwise the game has no value for us and we unsub. So you want a reason to play alliance take your pick but we won’t stand for que times on horde.


Lazy seems more to be the case. They could have easily tried other things but they didn’t. They went with the path of least resistance and pissed off many people.

Not all Horde are celebrating this change, especially those that like the faction conflict, people who knew what they were getting into and those who wanted an experience as close to og TBC as they could get.

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Literally no reason to play alliance from a PVP standpoint. We suffered through BG’s and losing because the queues made up for the lopsided 30% win ratio. And i hear some horde say you still have fast queues. Yes but why would i play to lose with fast queues when i can join horde and also have fast queues and play with sweats and tryhards and win more games? From a Alliance PVP viewpoint it doesn’t make sense


Firstly, they are TESTING this potential solution this weekend. They are not implementing it as of right now… so no, they’re not incompetent for this… they’re handling it correctly. Read the fine print.

What guarantee do they have that people will do this? Sure, it’s lucrative solution but not a guaranteed one.

No it doesn’t. It makes things more convoluted. If they can’t guarantee people leave the faction they started on, then they can’t assume it will fix the problem. Furthermore, what if EVERYONE transferred? If they have more people transfer than they bargained for, the same problem exists.

And before you say “they can regulate it”… this is a big decision for someone to make. So what if a guild wants to transfer over and only half their members make it? Not only do you have this issue, but you have people looking to spend time to undo what was once allowed.

Your knee-jerk reaction to this TEST is exactly the issue. They are testing solutions and you should be happy to see that they are not just implementing solutions. People are losing their mind over a 4 day trial with no guarantee of what’s going to happen. Stop clogging up these forums with this low-IQ nonsense.

The Alliance are incredibly fragile. This news will shatter their already low morale. Do you remember that opening scene from Jacob’s Ladder, when the soldiers are sitting around, drooling or convulsing from the effects of Agent Orange? Meanwhile the Viet Cong are in the wire, ready to slaughter them to a man? That’s every battleground from here to Wrath!

“test” is a sugar-coated way of saying;

“Get ready for it once we fix the spaghetti code, it’ll be added to the game”


“Is blizzard totally incompetent?”

Were you here for the Diablo Immortal announcement?

You don’t know that.

Totally? nah
the art and music team always carry the show

oh you mean the Devs?
yeah absolutely they should wipe the roster clean and get anew

@Title - Yes.

Because you don’t want to level again

Why do alliance need incentives to pvp? LOL… I just dont get it.

If you mean give alliance side incentives so more people would want to play alliance. News flash… they can give me free respec’s… FREE anything I would not want to play alliance again. 10 years of that toxic community is enough for me. I’m happy on horde side.

Hopefully we get paid faction changes so that I can transfer to horde to get the cake and eat it too.

Yes, yes they are

how is the alliance side toxic? it’s pretty much the same both horde ally.

They don’t.

They didn’t.

You and 90% of the other ragers.

Would not be surprised to see that they do this within the next month.

Leans it Alliance heavy, but it’s slightly Horde heavy so w/e

Helps, probably not a full on fix.

Red v Blue still gets prio. I would hope Alliance PvPers had more going for them than “at least we get to play hurr hurr!!”

What do you think will happen?

Problem : Horde queue times.

Solution: Same Faction Battlegrounds.

Test: One weekend of horde queueing into each other, reducing queue times drastically.

Result : Horde queues dropped 87%! This was a great test, now it’s in the game.

(Alliance side effects do not apply, horde problem horde game horde solution)

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Are you new? cuz you would know the answer to that already. Have you ever pug alliance side bgs? I’ll wait for an answer.

I mean I understand the skepticism, but you’re literally pulling all of this out of thin air.