I guess the alliance doesn't matter to blizzard

They gave you those Paladin changes. Maybe they should revert those too?

I mean i’ve pugged bgs on both sides and they’re both toxic for different reasons.
Alliance bc of afking/giving up on purpose and horde was bc of being sweaty or mad cuz of long queues

Well, I have only experience alliance side for the last 10 years. The couple of games I’ve enter on horde side since tbcc have been great. No afkrs, No “let them win” attitudes. Sure, there have been some games where people argue, but surprisingly we have still managed to pull out wins.

Alliance has never mattered to Blizzard. Anyone that has played since inception can tell you that.

shut up

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It doesn’t hurt Alliance in any way. Your queues will still be lightning fast.
Other solutions have been tried and didn’t work very well.
This is a radical solution but it does work.

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