I got name reported by a losing team in WSG and suspended

As the title says as the opposing team was losing, they mass reported players on our teams names. Resulting in a suspension on my account, my pets name was [Removed] and that is what the suspension is for according to my email address. I don’t know when [Removed] became a protected group of people from comedy but if you guys could start talking to your customers before you have your automated system ban people i’d appreciate it. I got a suspension for my pet name a few days back and I didn’t even know it because I didn’t attempt to log into my account during the 12hour time period and the email was in my spam.

Even a piece of in game mail that said “Hey, we renamed your pet because it was reported for offending somebody soft; please refrain from using your old pet name” instead of going on to believe there was some bug that reverted his name back to “cat” when I stabled him. I doubt this would have been avoided even if I left my cats name as “cat” at this point, sore losers now have the power to get people on the opposing team suspended just by mass reporting their name.

Now i’m missing a raid because of some sore losers.

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No, you’re missing a raid because of your own decisions. Regardless of your personal views of the matter, the name was deemed inappropriate and a game master took action after your first two warnings-- the Code of Conduct and the suspension you admit to from a few days back.

If you would like to appeal the decision, as unlikely an outcome as I expect, you can follow the instructions here.

For future reference, understand that it doesn’t need to offend someone to be inappropriate, and you can brush up on your knowledge of the code of conduct and the naming policy during your suspension.


No, you are missing a raid because of an immature name of your pet. No other reason.

The reason for the report is irrelivent. Could have been WSG. Could have been somebody in town that did not feel the name was appropriate

The actual human, not automated system agreed with the report. Multiple times it seems.


It’s not poor service at all. It was a poor name choice both times you chose it. Whether or not you received an e-mail from Blizz, you should have known the name was inappropriate.

Hopefully moving forward you’ll be able to choose better names. And if you do happen to have others that are not appropriate, you might want to self-report those as that way you won’t receive a penalty :wink:


The warning is the Code of Conduct and Naming Policy that were linked above.

The second warnings was the first name change you got - which is a giant hint.

This is not something where a player gets to debate or argue the case.

If you have other names that are similar, you may want to self report them. Use the appeal option to do that and clearly indicate you are self reporting. They tend to give you the name change and not punish you for it because you are trying to fix former poor naming decisions.

Keep in mind, no matter how many reports you get against you, if a name does not break the rules, it won’t actually get you actioned, especially suspended.


I’ve gone ahead and removed most of the unnecessary discussion that took place in this topic. I’m leaving the first few replies because they provide all the information that needed to be passed along here.

I also edited your original post. If the name wasn’t appropriate for the game, it certainly isn’t appropriate for the forums.

Your ticket will be reviewed as soon as a Game Master is able to get to it.

Since we do not allow the discussion of disciplinary actions on the forums, I’m going to leave this topic locked.