I don't understand how multiboxing is different that botting

Botting is when a computer plays your character

Multiboxing: My understanding is you move your main character then a program reads what you are doing and simulates that function onto every other WoW instance.

Essentially, you move forward, the program see’s you are moving forward, the program then tells every other WoW instance to move forward. In other words you control one character and a computer plays every other character, a bot

I get some people will say, no because you are at your computer and if you do nothing neither will the program so therefor it isn’t botting. Except the only way to move your other characters is through a program and you have no direct control of any other WoW instance

What am I not understanding? How can Blizzard allow one form of botting but not another?


Botting is automation multi boxing is not.


It’s duplication vs automation. One is okay according to Blizzard while the other is not.

Multi-boxxing isn’t doing anything without your input, it’s just duplicating your input to multiple clients at once.

That’s the technicality that we’ve been given anyway. Regardless of the semantics of definitions, the reason why multiboxxing is fine is because Blizzard is fine with it but not traditional botting.


If you don’t approve of either one, that’s fine just say that. But how can you not understand the difference, even when you spell it out in your OP and say you get it? One requires a warm body, one does not.


multiboxing makes blizzard money


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This is exactly why it’s not botting. There’s still input from a user.


The only difference is one you pay more to cheat while being at the computer.

One is more efficient and cheaper as it runs by itself 24/7

Edit: also one Blizzard wants you to do it the other they do not (the one where they get less $$)


Multiboxing = No automation, player presses keys for everything. You press “shift 1” key and the game sees “shift 1” key.

That’s it.

Zero automation, zero programming, zero scripting. The player performs ALL actions. That is multiboxing.

Zero relationship to botting.



False again

Very false

A percent of the actions*

Correct that is what we are talking about here.

Wrong again


Incoming mental backflips by multiboxers.

‘One user command, one GCD action’ is how they’ve always separated normal play from botting, but apparently that rule goes out the window for multiboxing. Why? Because botting doesnt make them more money.


Becaue multiboxing can be done without any program if you really wanted. Connect five keyboards together and boom you’re a boxer.


No. You simply have all of your characters /follow the one you’re directly controlling. You set up your computer so that your keypresses are sent to all open WoW clients. You have to set up each client to respond to keypresses in a particular way. For example, if you want to scorch a single target with all 5 characters, you bind a key on your main character to scorch, and bind that same key on all your other characters to /assist your main character and scorch.

It’s still one input to one action on each of the clients, so blizz has no problem with it.

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What I don’t understand is why mboxing is such a hot topic on these boards.

Like why do you people care so much? You never see them in bgs. Are you really that upset about getting killed in the open world? Roll a pve server, geeze.


Because they’re exploiting & distorting the economy.


Are you incapable of boosting? I can make damn near 500gph boosting.

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You dont seem to understand what an economy is. What you’re talking about is a service that neither adds nor removes gold from an economy. Nor is it an irreplaceable service since you can always gain exp without getting boosted.

Multiboxers inflate the gold supply by doing things you can not do alone, and corner entire markets by monopolizing spawn points of irreplaceable resources changes the prices of things.


Ban groups! They’re ruining the economy!


1 person is not a group


Then multiboxers are fine.

But we need to ban the groups.