'I Don't have time to level' argument

This is about the ‘I don’t have time to level’ argument that a lot of people in favor of boosting gives.

You all will buy a level 58 character with bad gear, no professions, no gold, no epic mount etc etc and once you have it then what?

Will you spend tens of hours farming the gold you will need?
Tens of hours doing the attunements?
Leveling up professions?
Farming reputation?

NO, because as you said you DONT HAVE TIME so lets be real, you either will end up quitting the game or you will probably end up buying gold in a third party website making the already bad economy even worse.
After all, you have already paid to skip content once(boost), why not do it again?

So the only thing blizzard is accomplishing with boosts(besides gaining money) is creating a perfect demographic of gold buying players.

ty for reading.



Nah. People don’t have time to play irrelevant content

Fixed it for you.


I don’t have time to clear Black Temple over and over so Blizz should make it so I can buy warglaives. I have a life.


who cares if someone leveled by grinding boars or swiping a card?

p servers were fun even with glaives on cash shop, 5x exp, free H->A transfers, and thousands of feral bots. It was still fun cuz it’s tbc wow, how could it not be good?

People need to chill, making money is the name of the game. They are not gonna do anything for free. Be glad it’s not a 70 boost


A goblin shaman, why am I not surprised.
If you don’t want to level professions, farm gold, farm materials, do attunements, level your character, in summary if you don’t want to play an MMORPG then there is a perfect game for you. its called SHADOWLANDS.


lol. You’re amusing.

I’ve played since vanilla.
Also play classic. Planning on playing TBC as well and no… I don’t plan on using a boost lol


More using retail characters like they are a racial slur. People who have played retail have likely supported wow for a long time. Comments like this are not helpful.

‘I don’t have time to level’ is one of the weakest reasons for wanting the boost so I don’t understand attacking this reason and pretending like you’ve discredited all reasons for wanting the boost.


Did you read my post? because in it I explained that they are creating a perfect demographic for gold buying players, which will inject millions of gold in to the economy of the game. So everyone should CARE.


Its not the first time I have seen Goblin as a fill in for people making slurs against a certain real life group of people of both a certain ethnicity/religion.

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You really think the gold someone will farm from levels 1-58 will be relevant in TBC?

You poor poor soul.


lots of projection going on here


racial slur? this is a game… i’m just pointing out that he is a retail player which is a different demographic from classic players. both want different things and that is why we have 2 different games.


Ok, I wouldn’t take things that far. I took it more as an attack on people that played retail because goblins weren’t a playable race until… I don’t even remember. MoP I think.


Where did i say that? if someone took the time to level, then he will have the time to farm gold when he hit 70. Someone who don’t even have time to level wont have time to farm gold either. its simple.


I see it all the time, as goblin stereotypes match real world stereotypes.

yeah… ok.

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Reality says no.
It will be harder if not impossible to farm adequate gold in old content once TBC comes out.

Regardless - it’s easier to farm gold in TBC/Outland than it is in Azeroth, even if old world mats remain profitable.

This “goblin shaman” really shouldn’t know more than you ;P.

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Its not cut-and-dry and you know it. People can dislike retail and still support boost for TBC. Or other changes like paladins seals, drums, etc.

People aren’t a hive mind. We are more complex than that.

I don’t have time to get robbed at gunpoint by random strangers. Blizzard should just take all my money directly and save me the trouble. I have a life you know.

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you are not making any sense. Those who level to 70 will probably have time to farm in outland or wherever they want. those who don’t even have time to level and end up naked at 58 will end up buying gold or quitting the game. its pretty simple.