I demand a refund on the Nightfall I crafted

Get in line, the bots were here first.


Leave him alone, hes trying to virtue signal with his buzzwords he saw in Salon magazine


Good luck doing 1/3rd of my dps at 60 bro. Trying to help but you can stay a bottom feeder as long as you like.

Its funny because we have the same parse average… Nice try though

Edited to add - Actually i beat you. I was looking at your tank parses ahahhaha
(Proof - Check Dotmonsune if you doubt me. Thats with no bwl gear also…)

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Clearly offering nothing of value to the thread. Blatant trolling pal.

Username is relevant.

Loyal to a corporation… I’ll never understand why.

The evidence is pretty clear. Blizzard at least could respond at the bare minimum but even that is too much to ask sometimes.

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If it’s actually bugged they should just fix it lol.

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Well 88 for both. You beat me on fights I tank I guess, because that Razergore avg isn’t remotely right on my end (distance skews the parses). I actually do a lot more on that fight. My problem is tank threat, but we got a second binding finally. Also, your MC totals are laughable.

Name change… How many times do you see MC recorded? Lol… Too fun. Also, as a warrior early game you should dominate a lock that cant get even close to hit cap. Keep making excuses. Funny how you claimed i wouldnt do 1/3 of your dps ahhaha, especially when you have gotten drops from BWL


There’s nothing wrong with your meme weapon. There’s zero evidence it’s being affected by some patch 2.4.2. nerf.

What a fantastic display of confirmation bias in that thread linked above. All those reports of terrible proc rates, no mention of the logs with nearly 50% uptime like these:

One Warrior and one Ret, 67.76% uptime:


One Enhance Shaman, 40.70% uptime:


One Enhance Shaman, 33.33% uptime:



Your three anecdotal parses sure showed me. I have hundreds of them with sub 10% uptime. Next.

Who the heck is ‘we’ and when did you become the spokesperson for them.

Oh…and it’s not Sunday any longer.


Congratulations, and your evidence that this is not normal is a couple wowhead posts from people not showing any math, correct?

You don’t like the proc rate, must be bugged!


Yea, again… name change. But hey dont let that hurt your narrative that you are a warrior god - when you cant beat a warlock parse…

Next - Hundreds of them huh? Lets see… BWL resets weekly. BWL has been out since Feb 12, 2020. Thats 10 unlocks. Math is so hard when you are entitled i guess.

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Do you… do you think he might be referring to everyone who crafted Nightfall?

Because I play to destroy Horde in PVP. PvE parses mean very little to me.

P.S. : In Vanilla, my guild never bothered with Nightfall because we tested it and it was lackluster. Not worth the individual lost dps to equip it tbh. I think you are just having rose tinted glasses in this case.


That’s what I’m afraid of. See, nobody made him the spokesperson for that entire group.

People on here do that stuff all the time, they try to use pronouns like ‘we’ and ‘us’ to give the appearance that they represent more than they do.

When in reality what is usually the case is this person is 20 something years old, they spent hours doing something, that had they asked others would have tried to talk them out of to begin with. Yet they forged ahead and did it, and then feel as if they wasted their time.

There is an emotional lesson there somewhere.


Im curious as to why blizzard owes you anything. Did they say it was 2PPM? Or are you just going to a website and assuming its true even if Blizzard said nothing on the matter?

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serious question


do you seriously think you’re going to get a refund here?



If a corporation provides a good product and good customer service, why wouldn’t I be loyal? What, I’m gonna chuck that out the window and try some other company just… because?

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Blizzard is not going to refund you squat. Next time do your research before spending a fortune on something.