I concede!

You are talking in the context of current game, what I am talking about is people returning to their roles, which would change the context of how things work.

Also I am not the biggest fan about balancing around fresh toons, I still believe in the progression system and should definitely have to earn your gear set.
It was one of the ways someone could judge that you at least pvped some to get to that point and not just farmed m+ for a weekend.

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how are you dying in the questline, it’s so easy lol.
i did it in 410 gear.

i came back last week, went from 440 item lvl to 464 in a few days, and my cloak is only rank 6.
ez game.

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First time in like 10 years.

Was 280 ilvl when I wrote this :joy::joy:. Easily cleared it after hitting 310 ilvl.

If you’re not being sarcastic, then props to you, Jugs. It takes a big person to admit being wrong (we know blizz doesn’t do it enough). I have to ask though, is it your personal power level that you have an issue with as a new alt doing the cloak quest?

My beef is with the catch-up. Forget the endless grinding for coalescing visions, mementos, echoes and then grinding visions/m+/raids - it’s that my alts won’t catch up to someone that started the cloak quest earlier.

Heck even my main is about 2 or 3 weeks of malefic cores behind the people who have max corruption resist. I get an itch to play an alt and it’s immediately gone when I log in and see what I need to do. :frowning:


It’s easy to gear up… but you actually gotta do stuff other than bgs…

Ngl op was the biggest white knight on these forums. Glad to see you came to realize how much of a joke gearing in bfa is.

I do think they’ve mostly listened to feedback for shadowlands and I think it will improve a lot so that’s good.

That was basically it. Things got much better last night. Finished the cloak quest, got up to 427 ilvl. Neck is 77.

Now do some BG’s with those numbers and let us know if you still feel like gear isn’t super important. :joy:

I plan to tonight. Already did quite a few epics on it for the CP (and the 150 cp quests)

Nuh uh :point_up:t3: I’m not referring to safely backlining in 40-mans on a ranged DPS class, I’m talking about BG’s where you’re required to get into the thick of it. ToK comes to mind but really any non-epic will give you a better picture of how important/trivial gear is in 8.3.

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Yea, I said I’m going to tonight.

What’s your cloak level at? Keep me posted in this thread, if you can. I’d like to get a perspective on how long it takes from someone with different play time / schedule than I.

Cloak is level 5. I have 12 hours played at 120 so far

Cool. If you can give me an idea of how many vessels (coalescing visions) you end up getting per week. This is the issue I’m having. I’m burned out from grinding the cv on my main that I can’t seem to get around to it on my alts.

My main-alt (mage) is now at cloak 11 (47 resist with botd essence). Unfortunately crappy corruptions. Had enough to get 1x 12% haste.

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Will do. I don’t do the dailies every day, so I can only go off how many I get for the assaults on Tuesday/Friday. Just glad they nerfed how many pages you need per level. Level 15 cloak shouldn’t take long.

I’m sure you already know, but in case you didn’t I’d strongly recommend you do the lesser vision daily (while you’re doing the zone assault and quests). I think first time round its like 3k cv for around 2 mins.

Wait, what? I need to login and check this out.
If you’re on the druid and need a bg buddy I’ll hit you up. I already have you on btag.

Oh yea, I will likely do that daily.

Sounds good! And yea, instead of requiring 6 pages and 8 pages, it’s a static 2 or 4. I think it’s capped at 4, so a full clear will get you a level.

from the hotfix thread.

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Jugga i feel your pain I have 2 toons with a level 15 cloak 12 toons with a cloak and forget about the right corruptions for all of them. I know they lowered the requirements to lvl your cape but you still have to farm the mats and that takes forever. this is by far the worst expansion and im not buying SL until i see how its going. this game is supposed to be fun and right now its not.
If you just want to pvp like you and I you are left way behind

I just started the cloak quest on a new dk. I do like the parts that I can skip :stuck_out_tongue: