I can't play retail anymore

Ever since I started playing classic, my desire to play retail just keeps dwindling. It’s gotten to a point where in spite of missing my guildies and friends, I just don’t log on.

When I try, I’m instantly hit with a giant wall of “Why tf am I playing this? And why do I care about it?”

Then I think about it for a second and realize I don’t care. So then I just log off

I seriously don’t know what kind of sorcery the original vanilla devs wove into the game, but retail just doesn’t have it. There’s no single reason I can list as to why retail doesn’t compare to classic, it just doesn’t.

Maybe I’m just weird and enjoy the game being more grindy and everything taking more time and effort to attain.

Whatever the reason, I just can’t play retail anymore :frowning:


people say the same thing about classic, a 20 year old game.

you just feel like its better, it’s okay to feel that way, we all have preferences.

retail is just as grindy and arguable takes more effort, unless you’re just doing lfr/normal. it’s a different kind of grind though.


I wouldn’t judge retail right now. It’s about to get a reboot. But I’m not missing Naxx for it.


For me the main problem in retail is the gear system. You basically replace gear constantly and each gear jump is so massive your previous gear feels like garbage. Atleast in classic gear climbs at a reasonable rate and the upgrades tend to be minimal. Depends on the upgrade obviously. A fresh 120 will have 1/4 the health pool of somebody with current raid gear. How fun is that?

In retail all that gear you’ve been raiding/arena-ing for during the current patch will essentially be scrapped on the next patch. This is an endless cycle. It keeps people playing I get it, I just don’t find that fun personally. Rather play an alt.

I’m hopeful for SL but the new arena/honor system Is nothing like the TBC/wotlk system I was hoping for. Don’t think I’ll be playing at launch for this reason. That’s a first for me.


I’m trying so hard to get leveled and geared before Naxxramas is released. It’s the entire reason I started classic


Totally understand. Same thing happened to me and I can’t quite put my finger on why.


Start doing speed-running (aka World of World Buffs). You’ll be begging to return to Azerite grinding and dress-up simulating long before you get to Naxx.


he’s 3/12M so I’m sure he’s aware of retail’s grinds. The issue with retail’s grinds is that they become entirely irrelevant with each major patch. Why put that effort in when it’s going to mean nothing in 6 months?


the first 3 bosses are insanely easy, most heroic guilds can clear them just fine, if enough people that is

that wasn’t true in the case of bfa, the essence grind from the nazjatar patch did matter in the 8.3 nzoth patch.

and personally i dont find it less rewarding, at least i can actually see large power progressions in retail, unlike in classic.

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Keep posting threads like this so Blizzard doesn’t extend classic or bring TBC.


hi paid actor. Did you really quote him that many times??

retail is going to suck and you know it… look at the crappy changes thats happen to vanilla for the past 6 months.

I feel you. Classic well running dry too which sucks but hey I guess there is more to life than WoW.

I hast blasphem-ed?


this is a great observation + less community.

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Then don’t! I personally don’t like classic, it’s too bland for me now.


I think the main reason I hate retail is the questing systems rewards. Classic quests give you a couple gold which still feels good and feels like you achieved something. Retail quest, here’s 10 gold for 20 minutes of your time doing a unfun quest… ok let me add that to the 1million gold I already have… thanks…


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…
I myself quit classic after MC. I thought to myself, why the heck am I sinking all my free time inti a 15y/o game that wont go any further than Naxxramas.
Tbc classic will most likely be a seperate thing and ultimately have the same end.

Retail however will go on until the death of WoW and therefore easily takes the long run cake for me.


I understand exactly how you feel. I came back to get acclimated before Shadowlands. I haven’t purchased it yet and don’t think that I will. Everything in retail is just so damn easy. I picked up Classic out of nostalgia and to kill time during quarantine… haven’t been able to stop. The only thing I can compare it to is a really good book. You know it is time to sleep but … just one more chapter…


My plan was to give classic a shot, but I wasn’t planning on quitting retail. I started classic and despite a few attempts to play retail, I just didn’t enjoy it the way I enjoy classic. It’s been a few years since I’ve enjoyed WoW as much as I’m enjoying classic.


why are you on here arguing how this person feels about retail? its his opinion, his thread, ur not saying anything lol.