I am the master of demons

I tear open the fabric of reality and bend the mightiest demons to my will. Having long studied the demonic arts, can bring out the full potential of any demon in my command. I can even reverse death itself!

… So, why am I forced to use this one, annoying, tiny-headed dingdong of a felguard as my demon? Why is the warlock spec all about mastery of demons and demonic lore, demonology, the spec with the least choice in what demon to use? Demonology should empower all of our demons, not force us to use one. I don’t see why talents like Demonic Strength or Soul Strike can’t do something similar for any demon we chose to use.

At the very least, let demonology choose the look of their demon but some sort of hunter-adjacent demon capturing.


You can already change the tiny-headed dingdong by a Wrathguard. They should make a lot more glyphs to change our demon’s appearances.


Quite frankly none of our specs have any real “choice” when it comes to our demons… for us Demonology Warlocks it is Felguard or bust… Destruction Warlocks are Imp or nothing… and Affliction’s only real option is Felhunter…

I want to be able to choose my demon and not gimp myself…


My Aff Warlock uses her voidwalker for everything.

Mostly because she has a crush on him (he doesn’t know, so don’t tell him!), but he gets the job done!


Well, we used to have an infernal and a doomguard before BfA, but that level of diversity was too much for this game



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This is why lock is very hard for me to like. The only demon that looks cool to me is the fel hunter, and that just feels like a ton of wasted potential. Or it’s just not my thing. Either way I agree more glyphs.

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My felguard holds decent AoE threat and he has an interrupt and a stun combined into one spell. I wouldn’t want to use any other pet as Demo. Demo is the best pet spec because we put out very little threat because so much of our damage is from our minions.

My afflock uses the voidwalker solo and the imp for open world bosses where I don’t wanna pull too much aggro. That’s pretty much it these days.

How nice. Now make an absolute unit of an Orc, such as Grom Hellscream, bend the knee.

Then I’ll be impressed.


Once you get your felguard an Ashkandi, there is no going back.

I pull mine in for dungeon and imp it. Don’t want the void walker getting blamed for messing up the tanks mojo. Since people won’t take your word its passive and growl is off. But void walker for the rest is my BFF.

Same reason I dungeon MM hunter. and open pve/maw it BM. They just see my pet for lust shots.

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This is part of the problem… demonology is supposed to be a master of demons… and they give us a demonology only demon that is unparalleled by any other demon option, effectively forcing us to use it and only it… I’d love to have an option to summon a second demon that must be different from your first demon…

I’d kill for the ability to replace my tyrant with a Pit Lord.

I agree. Nerf DH.

And make demo warlocks hunters of demons

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Hehe I feel my lock hit the jackpot tbh. His viodwalkers name is Hukvhug ^3^

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Stop right there criminal scum, you violated the law! I cant believe you just admitted to commiting these abhorrent crimes! You are going away for a long time missy!

Probably because 70% of players would just use the Succubus for everything then.

And then demand Shivarra.

There’s more diversity this way.