I’ve beaten all 36 Mage towers

You need both luffa and balance aff to outrange the zone, balance aff on its own was not enough.

Justice prevails

Sky is Falling aside, I’m hoping bringing this back means we’ll get to see similar content crop up down the road without the timewalking antics and (hopefully) exclusivity.

No you didn’t lmao

You can outrange his zone currently with +3 range balance affinity, in legion it was +5.


So what’s it feel like to be so confidently wrong?

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Well said.

i’m still not sure what your point is. how was the mechanic designed around luffa?

Talk about turning a game into a job. I can only imagine how many hours this took.

Go you, I guess

Agreed. I’m already up 1.5 million gold by buying out all the needed consumables and reselling them at insane prices.

Good good good for us goblins.

As someone who has 30/36 appearances from the Legion Mage Tower. This variant of the system with zero borrowed powers only goes to show every flaw in the developers core class design.

In Legion we had the artifact weapon tree, two legendaries and the Netherlight Crucible System, Sylvan Elixirs, Fighter Chow, Drums with 25% haste instead of the now 15% at all on which we relied on. And none work.

Since the invention of the Timewalking system, borrowed power that was relevant or tied to that expansion has worked throughout that expansions dungeons and raids (eg: Warglaives, Val’anyr, Shadowmourne, Pandaria Cloaks, Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest, WoD Rings, Azerite traits) and ZERO of that borrowed power system has been brought into Legion timewalking.


Honestly, even as they’ve admitted they made a mistake…I wouldn’t mind if they did keep an actual ultra hard mode with some tangible reward attached to it. Exceedingly near impossible content can be very fun to grind for some and as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody, why not :slight_smile: call it hardmode and attach a title or something or a leaderboard to it

already said this in a number of threads but ill say it again, certain classes are just overtuned af.

fire mage, did it first go with zero consums/enchants/in my SL gear.

sub rogue i had to spend prob around 50k in consums/enchants and farm old content for some trinkets/socketed gear to be able to do the dps check in the final phase. literally a consum/trinket are doing like 15-22% of my total damage. its a literal joke.

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So in other words you want a wildstar fiasco.

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Not quite. If you attach a leaderboard the only people that would care at all are people that feel they need to be on that leaderboard. Since it’s a completely artificial reward, this means majority could just say no to it and not bother since it doesn’t tangibly define anything.

What I want is more like what Challenge Modes used to be in WoD and MoP, except without any actual exclusive transmog or mounts attached. Just the leaderboard. That will let the tryhards do them while the rest of the bunch can just ignore it and do whatever normal mode of the MT would be for the actual tangible reward and then move on.

This is blizzard we’re talking about here. They’ll find a way to attach it to something that only the tryhards could possibly pull off and put the rest of us in a position to either pay for runs, which can’t be done in mt anyway or be screwed over.

The proving grounds nonsense for queueing for random 5 mans was bad enough from what I heard. Last thing we need is blizzard doing that but 10 times worse.

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Oh I didn’t need to be reminded. It was obvious back in 7.3. Torghast is a reminder. Normal raid is a reminder.

I’m still trying to get gold in the Panda training. I like to think I know my rotation and responses, but in reality I’m mashing buttons knowing full well they’re on CD or short on runic power.

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Not disputing that. I think blizzard fails at basically every idea I’ve proposed so far. Keep that in mind. They just actually don’t have a clue.

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Ya that makes sense…

Your achievements say differently