I’m going to rage so hard when they let people copy their 60s to TBC realms

#freshstart please. Keep classic wow seperate please blizzard. It will increase the length of tbc and let blood elves and Draenei have a chance


Is your threat to throw a cyber-tantrum supposed to be a compelling argument?


Yes, that and we should all have an equal playing field. It kills new player interest to have people towering as gods before them at level 60 in naxx gear


"…It kills new player interest to have people towering as gods before them at level 60 in naxx gear"

what is this based on? It didn’t the first time, it won’t the second time either. and 60-70 will be clade in fat greens and blues mate. naxx gear is a meme once your 61


It’s going to kill the longevity of tbc when people blow through the content because they were already 2 levels past entry level into the content and will soon be max level.


lol no.
Tier 2.5 onwards will last until you get 2/4 piece of your tier 4.
GM Mainhand lasted me into Karazhan thanks purely to it’s speed.
Thunderfury will last till deep tier 5 for warrior tanks and prot paladins.


Yeah and it will be 1 1/2 years from now and everyone will be like no one cares about classic anymore gives us TB normally.

OP has big muscle fear and gets scared around people with big muscles.


a lot of people will quit if they have to literally throw away 2 years of progress to play in BC.

just because you are lazy and incapable of doing more. doesnt mean people who do do more have to suffer for it.


IT would be exactly what happened the first time, dont worry, they will prob add race change for TBC, too much cash on the table no to.

Ideally TBC servers launch fresh alongside freash WotLK servers, and the vanilla servers remain untouched.

“B-but my purples!”
They won’t matter 10 hours into TBC content.

“B-but my tfury!”
2.4.3 went out of it’s way to make tfury not matter.

“B-but my PvP title!”
It would just be something for others to laugh at while you wallow around in 1600s.

The entire pserver community routinely started from scratch and thrived. The cleanest way to do TBC servers is to separate them as thoroughly as possible from the completely botched economies on the vanilla servers.


Why wouldn’t we be able to copy our character over to TBC servers? Draenei and Blood Elves do stand a chance in TBC, we had our pre-raid BiS chase in vanilla and the Draenei and Blood Elves have that in TBC.

Also why would you want your progress in classic mean nothing when TBC releases? That seems to be the biggest punch in the gut that Blizzard can do, I’m under the impression that a lot of people would rather play TBC than classic and if it turns out that they didn’t need to gear their character out in the best gear of classic and instead could just wait for TBC and everyone starts fresh.

I don’t know man, it seems to me that everyone asking for this doesn’t have a character(s) that they care about in classic, and if you do you certainly don’t care for it that much. If you want to make it so your progress in classic mean absolutely nothing in TBC join the new server(s) that will probably be released when TBC comes. You get your “the fresh start” and we get “the continuation”.

This is a nice middle ground, you can disagree but i really, really, really… don’t want to start from scratch for TBC.


Naxx gear isn’t even replaced in Karazhan.

Thunderfury isn’t replaced on tanks until SSC.

Its the way that it is going to happen, if Blizard doesn’t do a fresh start many of the abusers and the destroyed economy will transfer too and they don’t really care about that but they do care about money, allowing transfers will reduce the life span of the servers so 100% they will not go this route it will be fresh start or go home.

I am going to laugh at every people that is: “leveling alts for TBC”… not going to happen.

They say: “I wunt plau uf i caunt trusnfur muh chaructur!” and they will play DAY 1 100% guaranteed, they are ADDICTED and will not stop because of that, they will find an excuse to talk themselves into playing it. :clown_face:

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What makes you believe for even a second that TBC servers won’t start in 2.4.3? None of old 60 gear effects work beyond level 63 or on targets beyond level 63. None of your vanilla will matter after few hours of outland.

My unexplainable hope that Blizzard learned from the 1.12 fiasco. When 2.4.3 droppedTBC was even more butchered than Vanilla in 1.12.1.

Is it so hard to keep both camps happy? Just launch new servers during TBC launch that are not allowed to transfer too or from realms that launched pre TBC? Everyone else just continues on?

Both camps seem to have enough people for a healthy server population and if you are paranoid that your server will die unless EVERYONE plays the game your way, then don’t get disappointed when it doesn’t happen?


So basically don’t recreate BC like they did Vanilla to appease a few overly worried people?

Let them open a few fresh BC servers and make you start at level one. The rest of us get to just roll on over. Have fun.


That wasnt the way it worked in TBC. It wont be the way it works now.

Sorry i guess?

I’m assuming they will at the very least have separate fresh servers that will allow the tens of thousands of returning/new players to experience the game without being thrown into the classic cesspool of naxx geared characters with 25k+ gold.

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