Hypocrisy of min maxers on covenants

-Min-maxers: “Being forced to play one covenant where I dont get to be optimal at everything is wrong and bad, the covenants shouldnt be forcing us to play only one way”
-Me: “You do realize you arent supposed to be optimal at everything in an RPG right? Unless you are world first, in addition you always “force” yourself to play what is optimal so choices dont exist for you”

-Everyone else: “Being forced to play the Fotm spec/meta build which I dont enjoy is wrong and bad, the community shouldnt be forcing us to play that way by refusing invites, discriminating against us or trying to blame us for the wipe which was caused by their mechanical failure or underperformance”
-Min-maxers: “Being forced by the community is totes cool and normal, I dont see an issue here”
-Me: “I do see an issue here”

You cant pretend to be the victim when the devs are forcing you into doing something you dont want yet be totally ok when the toxic community forces other players to do something they dont want, that is called hypocrisy.

In b4, make your own group. Community problem is a community problem.

Covenants are here to attempt to fix a toxic community that doesnt understand you dont need bis to do content, min maxers you arent allowed to be optimal at everything and you are collateral damage since you ignored the problems of the toxic community instead of trying to improve it. (Calling classes trash or saying not picking venthyr is trolling is only making the toxic community worse.)


The community didn’t decide that my favorite spec is on par with a bag of trash.


Hypocrisy. You can’t even spell it. Yet ANOTHER troll thread by Ralph…


You aren’t forced to play fotm to get keys.

WoW is an mmo first and foremost it is not the single player game you and others like to pretend. Blizzard can’t balance 12 classes with 36 specs there is no way in heck they are going to be able to balance 4 covenants with 3 soulbinds each and I believe 10 options per bind.


I think a snowball has a better chance in hell than blizzard does at balancing.


woops title fixed, fast typing does that

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In this thread Ralph proves again that he is mostly agains’t how people play this game and want to play this game than proving why he cares about covenants.

Daily dose of toxicity, get it while it’s hot.

Also another Ralph thread about basicly the same subject.

This is fun.


what you think have approximately 120 *36 new setups to balance plus however many conduits might be a bit too much :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I’m underestimating it because a bunch of the soulbinds have 3 choices but some only have 1 so we will go with 10 to be safe.


i agree but at this point these threads are spam


I imagine Ralph Wiggum as a Pandaren.


I feel like making constant threads about the min maxxer elitist crowd vs casuals is only going to fuel the elitists into disliking the covenants even more. While I love the system for my casual play I know not everyone will like it. But post after post about who is more right is only dividing all of us, probably should stop that.


Just a tad. :upside_down_face:

But that’s kinda his goal, you can’t remove a man’s dream. He’s working so hard for it. /s


Another thread about covenants and min maxing elitist tryhards by the guy who admits to simming his character and 95% of his build is the established meta yet still parses green.


Trying to control how community should play a game is what I feel is toxic. Blizzard shouldn’t try to control how players play, they should maintain a hands off approach.


That’s never gonna happen, because no matter what stance Blizzard takes one group is gonna have problems with it.

They are taking the more casual stance aka mine where I build my character, stick to a build I like and never change talents, gear, azerite while doing mythic raid bosses, m+ or casual pvp, the game they are building is perfect for my side.

If they took the elitist side then people would also complain, there’s really no way to avoid this “drama” in a sense because they are screwed no matter what side they take so Ion usually sticks to a more philosophical position of how rpgs are meant to work.

In his own words

“The build you have gravitated towards that has these strenghts and weaknesses that ther eis a core of RPG customization that lies in those differences”


I’ll pick whatever has a good ability.

Even as a casual player, I still want to be optimal, I want the content I do to end quickly and effectively. WoW is not a fun game, because the developers do not design it to be a fun game.

They give you a few hours of underwhelming story and cool scenarios, then you spend the rest of your time doing the same dungeon or raid for 3 months until the next few hours of underwhelming story.


Worse advice ever since that is how monopolies or power amassing people are allowed to get into power and make a society even worse.

An mmorpg is a mini society.

You’ve been able to do that every xpac.

I do that every xpac.


Going to go ahead and report this as the spam that it is.

Also, not sure why anyone would listen to some rando that has to buy their progress because they lack the skill to do it themselves.