[H]<Whelming Odds> Recruitment for Shadowlands

Hey, thanks for clicking. Means you’re either in the market for a new Horde side guild, are an avid forum user who reads all the topics, or are hoping to be whelmed by the end of this topic.

I can help you with that!

If you’re looking for a new Horde Guild… We are recruiting all classes, races, specs, roles, etc. We’re just looking for active players who enjoy the game. The core of the guild are middle aged geeks who enjoy hanging out, talking about random things and just enjoying the game in general. Once we hit that sweet sweet new level cap of 60 (uncharted territory, that) we plan to delve into the new dungeons, push our way into the mythic+ dungeons, and slay our way through the raid content. We have no current aspirations of pushing Mythic raids, but if we get there, we get there.

Currently we’re leveling to said sweet sweet cap and getting to know our new members. Our little community is growing every day.

Presently we have a shortage on Tanks, but again, all classes/roles are needed and welcomed.

Projected raid times are 7:30 - 9:30 pm cst. Raid nights will be determined once we have a more solid projection of a raid team. (Will take a census of best nights for everyone and pick whats best for the group as a whole.)

Bonus points if you’ve got the race/class combos we’re missing for the “Stay Classy” guild achievement for that awesomesauce 8th bank tab.

We have a Discord server, and very active officers. While we don’t normally sit in voice chat, we’re easily reachable on discord most of the time, even at work. As our player base grows, we will likely spend more time in the voice chat.

Our officer core has been playing together since Vanilla/BC and while the game has changed so much since then it’s not even funny, we mesh well, we love to meet new people, and are happy to provide help and advice as needed. We all started somewhere, and we are happy to help new players as well as returning veterans.

We are currently operating with a 30 day activity policy. Inactivity for 30 days or more without prior notice to an officer will result in removal from the guild. Readmission to the guild is still possible after this point, but all ranks and privileges will be reset.

Don’t let the game Overwhelm you. Don’t let the end of the era/xpac leave you Underwhelmed… Come be Whelmed with us!

Message an online member for more information! We play lots of alts during this down time, so don’t be shy!

I am also glad to help at gamer tag Solumun#1747 if Euros is unavailable.

OP has been updated.

We are still recruiting!

Most of us are leveling alts while we wait for the SL launch. Please feel free to come on over and level some alts with us. Have some fun, some conversation, and pick your new main going forward!