[H]<Whelming Odds> Recruiting for Raid Team

Like the title suggests, we are looking to fill our raid roster. There are several core spots available. We wouldn’t say no to another tank, but I feel like we currently have tanks covered. Healers would be in nearly the same boat, we could definitely use a tank healer (hpal, mw) and a resto shaman. But we aren’t particularly hurting on heals at present. Dps is what we are lacking. I’ll drop the numbers below.

Keep in mind, Christmas and New Years are coming up, and plans will vary depending on who shows up. We will not schedule anything for these weeks/nights, but will be glad to go if we have the members online.

Current Needs:
-Tank: 0 (maybe a couple of dps with a solid tank set and ability)
-Healer: 0 (would make room for a solid H Pally or Mistweaver, possibly even a resto shaman, if these had a solid dps spec as well, would be even better.)
-Melee DPS: 1-2
-Ranged DPS: Open

General Recruitment for running mythics, doing team oriented pvp, or just general shenanigans is also open.

Current raid nights are set at Tues/Thurs 7:30pm - 9:30pm server time

Bonus points if you’ve got the race/class combos we’re missing for the “Stay Classy” guild achievement for that awesomesauce 8th bank tab.

We have a Discord server, and very active officers. While we don’t normally sit in voice chat, we’re easily reachable on discord most of the time, even at work. As our player base grows, we will likely spend more time in the voice chat.

Our officer core has been playing together since Vanilla/BC/Wrath and while the game has changed so much since then it’s not even funny, we mesh well, we love to meet new people, and are happy to provide help and advice as needed. We all started somewhere, and we are happy to help new players as well as returning veterans.

We are currently operating with a 30 day activity policy. Inactivity for 30 days or more without prior notice to an officer will result in removal from the guild. Readmission to the guild is still possible after this point, but all ranks and privileges will be reset.

Don’t let the game Overwhelm you. Don’t let the end of the era/xpac leave you Underwhelmed… Come be Whelmed with us!

Message an online member for more information! We play lots of alts during this down time, so don’t be shy!

I am also glad to help at gamer tag Solumun#1747 if Euros is unavailable.

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We are still recruiting!

Most of us are leveling alts while we wait for the SL launch. Please feel free to come on over and level some alts with us. Have some fun, some conversation, and pick your new main going forward!

Good morning folks. Whelming Odds is still recruiting. We are growing in number but still need to fill out some raid groups. Any race and class is welcome. We will always find a place for you.

Original post is updated.

In need of a few good meatshields… er… tanks. A resto shaman and or healy monk spots are open. Aside from that, just more smiling faces.

Several of us are still leveling and finishing up the story to unlock covenants. Once that’s out of the way we should have a group or two pushing into dungeons, with raids not far off.

Please feel free to reach out to myself or uggar in game with any questions, or any member for that matter. Or just shoot out a request in guild finder.

Happy Hunting!

I’ve been wanting to make a new Horde character. I’ve be down to level a tank, are new characters welcome?

Absolutely. Level is a protected status with us.

Cool, sent in an request of my freshly made Death Knight.

Awesome! Invite sent.

Could use some DPS and maybe some healers or people willing to heal as offspec

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Still recruiting, and like Zin said, we could use some dps.