[H][US][Mal’Ganis] <Broken Frontier>, 3/11M;AOTC LF a Boomkin, but considering any Ranged!

Hi, a small bit about the guild: I’ve had it since vanilla and have been running raids since Karazhan. Started on Nazjatar, moved to Stormreaver when MoP hit, then finally to Mal’Ganis at the end of BFA. Friendly overall environment, definitely an adult guild however.
With that out of the way, BF is looking for:

-Balance Druid

-All Ranged considered!

We went 6/10M in CN, 8/10M in SoD, our goal is to hit CE in Sepulcher of the First Ones. We raid on Tues and Thurs @ 8-11PM CST as well as optional raid days around the early weeks of tiers. Also Mythic+ happening constantly throughout the week. DM me here, on bnet: Basu#11316, on Discord: Kain#4982, or in game: Kaiñ(alt164)-Mal’Ganis! Paid transfers considered! Thanks for you consideration!

Stillllllllllll looking for those classes!

yup! 10char

Be there for the raid on Tuesday!

Its raid night, do you know where your daughter/son are?!

Broken Frontier est. 2007. Come join the family!

Progging Eye and The Nine tomorrow! The time to trial is now!!!

would if i could

Where my Holy Paladins and Mages at?!

Looking to recruit a few competitive casters to push some mythic bosses!

Still looking for a warlock & boomkin primarily but all ranged dps would be considered.

Oh hi Mums! Yes, we are definitely still recruiting Warlocks, Mages and most urgently Balance Druids!

bump +letters for 10

Are you good ranged DPS? Bring that sweet DPS heat to our raids and let’s kill some bosses!

About to topple Soulrender! Still looking for balance druids!

Aye we hit a wall in my guild for that boss! xD

Oh no! Well we’re on to Painsmith now! Seems like its going to be a fun prog fight :slight_smile:

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Damn you kill him yet?

Painsmith is down! On to Guardian and the other 3! Need another BOOMKIN and MAGE or two to join us and destroy Cutting Edge!

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GOOD JOB! Next two should be easy from what other guilds have been saying!

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