Hunter's pet loyality level seem to be stuck

I’ve been farming random trash for maybe two hours to increase my pet’s loyalty level and it’s still at loyalty level 1 (Rebellious).
Usually, it doesn’t take that long…

I did some research and apparently pet’s required 5% of the hunter exp to increase its loyalty level (and some ingame time)
(source: Wowwiki)

Is it possible that the character exp lock in pre-tbc patch (at level 60) also lock the pet’s loyalty level?

Anyone else got this issue?


I seem to be dealing with the same issue. My 60 Cat won’t rank up his loyalty

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Blizzard an investigation would be nice for this.

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I reported this in beta, and ptr.


Yep, pet can’t learn abilities, at this rate I’m currently at a huge disadvantage

yep got my ravager like 15 levels not one loyalty level yet.

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This is still happening. Tamed a level 60 cat in winterspring today. Loyalty stuck at rebelious and wont move regardless of xp/mobs killed and happiness.
Is it for boosties only? or happening with non-boasties?

not just for boosted characters. I leveled my hunter about a year ago and am just now playing it to get it ready for tbc and my recently tamed pet will not gain loyalty either. I believe the OP is correct about the cause being a hard cap on exp at 60 not allowing pets to register the 5% of your character’s level that’s required for a loyalty rank


I’m also experiencing this problem. Some acknowledgement would be nice eh blizz? This is the 3rd thread I’ve seen about it, and as it appears, we haven’t had a blue post on any of them.

This is a huge deal and isn’t some small bug. Please investigate further.

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My pets just keep disappearing. They are well fed and happy. Just one minute they are there and the next they are gone. They disappear and I can’t summon or revive them. It has now happened twice. First was my Ravager and the second was my owl. I was looking forward to playing a Hunter but with pets just disappearing there is no point. Thanks Blizzard.

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I recently tamed a level 60 cat from winterspring… at first I thought the loyalty level was stuck as well, but eventually she gained loyalty after what seemed like an eternity. She’s now at loyalty level 5. I think it may just be taking an extra long amount of time… but the reason for that is anyone’s guess.

Also my character isn’t boosted. I leveled from 1-60 about a year ago now.

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Bumping this for visibility. My new cat from Winterspring is also not gaining loyalty or anything.


This is still happening. Winterspring level 60 cat stuck at Rebellious loyalty despite killing many green and yellow level mobs the last few days

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Level 60 boar on a boosted hunter stuck at loyaly 1 for 2 days

BUMP, son of hakkar still at loyalty level 1 after killing 56+ elites for an hour. Have had the pet for 2 days now and still at level 1.

Super bump. I sent in a ticket and they basically stated to just post in bug and “HOPE” it gets fixed :frowning: . I boosted my hunter and went to get a new pet and for oever 10 hours it never once gained a loyatly and stayed at 1, I did grinding, questing and nothing. Even went to get a new low level pet and after 10 lvls of it going up still nothing. My hunter is pretty much useless

I can confirm this aswell I cannot raise the loyalty level on my pets but my pets were all catched before the pre patch if that matters

Lvl 59 toon and lvl 59 pet. Loyalty clearly not advancing.

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It didnt work for me when I captured a 60 winterspring cat. Went back and captured a 59 and it seemed to lvl fine thoguh slower than usually took about a week to hit loyalty 6.

Experiencing the same thing as you all. Submitted a ticket. How has this not been fixed yet? I’m stuck with a cat that only knows dash and growl and could run away at any moment.