Hunters needs better legendaries

Its funny how latent poison injectors should have been naturally part of survival no legendary needed.

Hunters best legendary that cleanses, this what our feign talent should actually do as the pvp talent but it doesnt cleanse alot of new covenant things ingame.

Why couldnt survival get an aspect of hawk proc, or a guaranteed third charge to bombs. It would be awesome to some how have explosive shot back in survival like it once was.

Mean while mages get three shields, seems unfair

Flayshot is awful compared to things like convoke.

Blizzard please put some effort into hunters as a whole. I just wanna have fun being a survival hunter inspite of the forced change placed upon the hunter community.

The pet buffs will not be enough to deter folks from globally the pet and auto killing it in seconds.


A bunch of the legendaries only come from raid drops and since we know there will be more raids, its stands to reason there will be more legendaries too.

Future possibilities don’t make up for the fact that Hunters got underwhelming Legendaries compared to other classes.

Legendaries were hyped as either DPS boosts, interesting new mechanics or quality of life improvements. We got bottom of the barrel in all three categories in general. Marks got a decent one adding a Serpent Sting to Aimed Shot, but Survival and BM got hot garbage.


I love how azerite traits became legendaries…

But in all seriousness, hunters (all specs) have bigger problems than boring legendaries.

Survival needs like 1/3 of the talents to be baseline. Legion survival was amazing, it was already an underplayed spec and they just kept neutering it. Also Coordinated Assault is such a boring ability. I’d take the legion artifact ability over it in a heartbeat

BM needs to be about mastering beasts, what beast you bring should change your gameplay substantially. Maybe it takes a whole pet ai overhaul but I think it’s desperately needed.

MM feels less clunky now with improvements to trueshot, so that’s good. However the disparity between it and the other 2 specs is very bad. The other specs need to be helped OR mm needs to be nerfed, I’d prefer the former.

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It’s decent sure, but its boring AF and completely negates one of our talents.



Serpent Stalker is boring. It’s just a passive ~7% dmg increase single target, and means that we never take SS from Talents.

Surging Shots is way more interesting, and that should be the standard for Legendary design.

I’m not sure at this point if Hunter’s got less design-attention going into SL or if the devs who specifically work on Hunters just aren’t that creative. You have to keep in mind, these are real people, doing their job. They just might not be all that into it.

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Ngl, after doing a number of Torghast runs on my hunter alt, it really feels like they were struggling to come up with cool ideas for you guys. The anima powers I’ve seen on my hunter are not just bad, but completely uninteresting, in comparison to this character as well as my DK.

Torghast on shaman is a blast. It’s been a total chore to do on my hunter so far. Wouldn’t be surprised if that also translated to legendaries.

I’ve argued that I really enjoy using Embers, but I’m slowly changing my mind. If the tank moves a mob JUST out of range of my trap, my cast was a complete waste. Or, if I muck up and botch the throw, same thing.


I have to agree. It also sucks that it takes 2 utility abilities to use and you lose damage on the boss by using those for mechanics (like in plaguefall’s 3rd boss)

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Hunters definitely need more legendaries and some balancing between them. It’s stupid that the Serpent Sting one is the best for single target AND aoe. Same goes for Soulforge Embers in the other direction. You should be incentivized to want to have multiple legendaries and gearsets for different situations.

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MM doesnt need to be nerfed, you should lose the ability to post on these forums for an asinine comment like that. It is upper middle of the pact in raiding and has its niche in M+, not to mention it is the only viable hunter spec.

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I just got the Call of the Wild memory from Raid Finder. Looking forward to crafting it tomorrow. I think it knocks the CD of Trueshot down to 58 seconds (with the Trueshot Mastery pvp talent). Going to try this out with Calling the Shots (talent) for even more CD reduction and Sharpshooter’s Focus (conduit) for longer Trueshot windows.

No need to be mad, notice I said I’d prefer the other two specs get help to bring them closer to MM.
Historically though, devs tend to nerf one outlier rather than buff everyone else.

Which would be a problem in this case as MM is not an outlier. It’s firmly in the middle of the pack atm. The outliers are BM and survival being at the bottom.


I’m talking about the hunter class, not every single spec in the game.

MM already got nerfs, and it’s still the most played spec by a longshot.

Again, I’ll reiterate I want Blizzard to help the other two specs, I just don’t see them doing it.

I know what you’re talking about, but hunters don’t exist in a vacuum. It’s not an outlier. It’s in the middle of the pack.

Gee I wonder why that is? Oh wait I know, BM is in dire need of buffs. BM is the outlier being at the bottom of the barrel.

Regardless, you should advocate for them to be buffed, not lowkey try to advocate for MM to be nerfed… again. If MM gets nerfed again and BM doesn’t get a buff, the only way hunters are getting raiding done is via LFR, or their guild takes pity on them.

Once again, for those who read my first post.
I said that for the 3 specs to be more in line with each other (which is good for variety) one of two things needs to happen; either survival and BM get buffs/changes OR MM gets nerfed.

I then said, “I’d prefer the former” referring to survival and bm getting buffs.
I’m not advocating for anything since I figure hunter will remain like this for remainder of expansion unless set bonuses offer something amazing to bm and sv.

I will agree Hunters got utter garbage Legendaries in comparison that would be much more fun and worthwhile. I run Marksmanship and the best are Serpent Sting on primary Aimed Shot even with Trick Shots, and here I thought it would be on anything hit by Aimed Shot. So I switched to Surging Shots to regain Rapid Fire, now that 15% chance feels more like under 5% since using it.

On the other hand, I’m very capable as a Marksmanship Hunter and these so called Legendaries are just bonuses, for obvious DPS reasons, even being Necrolord, I still outshine Night Fae hunters somehow.

That being said, I think the Legendaries are very mediocre just because all specs are very capable on their own.

You are lowkey advocating for MM nerfs.

“They need to buff BM and survival, but they’ll never do that, so MM needs to be nerfed to bring it more in line with the other two specs because despite being nerfed already it’s still played more than the other specs.”

This is what you sound like. Please stop trying to advocate for our only decently performing spec to be nerfed. There is no reason to even have the thought that MM needs to be nerfed. MM is fine where it is right now, BM and survival need to be buffed.


We got recycled azerite traits as legendaries, and the best legendary for the best spec is an extra talent point in the first row.

Soulforge embers is somewhat interesting, but it feels terrible to use having to spend 2 global cooldowns on it + sacrificing 2 utility spells for it.