Hunters needs better legendaries

Why are you so insecure? Blizzard already nerfed our precious SL MM lol they’ll do it again if they feel like it.

I never advocated for anything, I even said I prefer seeing buffs, but there’s 2 ways to balance; buffs and nerfs.

I’m talking about what’s more likely, not what’s best for the game or for hunters or for me. I prefer to play survival but I play MM so I can progress faster with my friends. Historically I’ve played whatever I felt like in raids/dungeons and I’ve played this same hunter since vanilla, never maining anything else.
When this has happened before, one spec dominating, it stays like this for at least the whole expansion and all 3 specs (ranged sv not msv) have had their moment.

Blizzard isn’t going to read my posts, and I don’t care. So quit saying I’m advocating for nerfs, I’m not advocating for anything. I’ve been on this train a long time and I’ll still play hunter, even in its crappiest state.
Look at the latest buffs to classes, that’s the best you’re gonna get for BM and SV this expansion IF they consider buffing them. Hunter class design is in the gutter right now, I’m not going to sit here and type things that make you feel good about the fotm spec.

Hunters have bigger problems right now. BM is uninteresting, even before we talk about how it compares to MM in performance. Survival brings nothing that any other melee spec couldn’t bring, on top of doing much less damage.


So don’t do it and you won’t be called out on it.

Nooooo please don’t call me out on this forum!
Type all you want about how I’m “advocating” for nerfs. I don’t care.

The only saving grace for BM and SV in Shadowlands are set bonuses being insanely good for them, outside of that you’re looking at lazy 5% buffs to them.

And about BM, most hunters I’ve interacted with say the same thing. Look at the complaints on serpentstalker legendary power, it’s just passive damage, uninteresting, adds nothing to gameplay.
Your pet doing damage passively just like if MM had a pet out is uninteresting and shallow. It’s sad to see since I like exotic pets, but turning them big and red while they slap the target on their own isn’t particularly engaging.

Anecdote is not synonymous with evidence.

I know it’s not, and seeing as I’m not advocating for blizzard to make changes I don’t feel the need to provide evidence for anything.
After all this is a forum, not an academic journal.

Honestly, this just reads as if it’s hating on BM rather than trying to make an actual point.

All three specs are fairly involved with the player at this point in the game, regardless of their difficulty.

Regardless, we need better legendaries. Even some of the more involved legendaries (surging shots, qaplas, etc) aren’t doing so hot. The caveat of course is soul forged embers (a general legendary that is very proactive on the player’s part) is the best legendary for BM. But general legendaries really shouldn’t be BIS for any one spec IMO.

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I’m not hating on BM, I wish it was more involved because I love the theme of it and I enjoy collecting exotic pets, only to keep them in my stable. The “mastery” part seems to only mean your pet does the damage rather than you, in terms of playstyle it’s similar to the old survival.

I agree about the legendaries. The best legendaries (or at least the most popukar ones) for MM and Survival are just passive damage increases, with survival’s being a recycled azerite trait. Legion class legendaries were nore interesting imo, just the acquisition was bad.

Ermm… it definitely doesn’t play like old SV at all.

And I guess the point I was making is it is involved. It’s definitely pretty easy, but compare current BM to older iterations of itself or even other specs. It’s definitely not just all being passively done by the pet and has some (small) management it needs to make.

Definitely agree here.

You are missing the whole point of balancing. Balancing is not class specific. Just because the other 2 hunter specs are absolute trash doesnt mean that MM has to join them in the gutter.


I didn’t miss any point, I said that if the other 2 specs have to compete with MM it’s only one of two solutions, nerfs or buffs, and Blizz is quicker on nerfs than buffs.

I’m not some anti-mm hunter, I’m playing the spec.

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So instead we take it from our Meh bis Legendary .

Nice now my aimed shot does a serpent sting . How about something more useful like a Legendary I can equip so I can cast aimed shot while moving or has a chance to change a aimed orr arcane into an explosive shot affecting the target and npcs around it for 5 yards . To me those would be cool and feel legendary .

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You know the Blizz mantra.

“if it’s broke don’t fix it and if it works break it”

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They said either buff BM and or nerf MM but that wasn’t the most important part of the quote this is

Which means they would rather Blizz buff BM and Surv then nerf MM .

BM and Surv would be considered the former where as MM would be considered the latter.

So for those that think I prefer the former means they think MM should be nerfed here is a little education for you .

Former = First. So in the persons response buff BM and Surv is the former

Thank you for explaining something I already know. You’re coming off as incredibly condescending right now. Also you are either missing or ignoring some key points here.

If you don’t believe that blizzard will buff the other two specs, then you clearly think MM either will or should be nerfed. What other conclusion should be drawn from this?

Also, the only way to justify even considering another nerf to MM would be to pretend that classes exist in a bubble when it comes to balancing.

This is using misdirection to try to suggest that MM be nerfed, by saying you’d rather BM and survival be buffed, but it’s unlikely to happen. AKA lowkey advocating for MM nerfs.

No they are not they are just commenting on what Blizz is more likely to do .

Because they are right Blizz is more likely to nerf mm then buff BM or Surv.

Commenting on what Blizz will most likely do is not supporting nerfs to mm.

I think they will do the same . That doesn’t mean I support nerfs to mm in fact all of my 4 hunters (1 for each covenant) are all mm and I have been playing mm since they broke rsurv in patch 6.2.

I disagree. The only way to get to the conclusion they are more likely to nerf MM than buff BM/survival is to ignore where MM is in relation to the other dps specs. MM is in the middle of the pack. The upper middle, but the middle.

If MM was the top spec, the outlier like Balance druids are right now, you’d have point. MM is not the outlier. Balance and BM are the outliers. It is far more likely at this point in time that they buff BM than they do anything further with MM. Unless something drastically changes, I would be willing to bet that MM goes mostly untouched for the rest of SL.

But for hunters mm is the outlier. They aren’t going to nerf a druit spec or specs to help BM or surv . They are going to nerf mm .

And you are right compared to Balance druids mm is not an outlier but again compared to the other 2 specs it is.

Class balance does not exist in a bouble. Yes MM is out performing BM, but MM is not out performing. MM is right were it should be, competitive but not over powered.

I agree but once again if it comes down to buffing BM and Surv or nerfing MM , Blizz will nerf mm .

Not saying it is a good thing or something they should do but it is the most likely thing they will do .

That’s just the reality of the situation .