Hunters/mages? Leeway

I was honestly hoping that blizzard would have came to their senses, what with literally huge swathes of vanilla pvp/ pve videos clearly disproving that it was in vanilla, but thats fine I guess. I think ima sit classic out boys, blizzard almost had my money and my time. Glad I found out all this BS before i leveled all the way up to 60

Yep, it’s one of the many reasons I have my Holy Paladin ahead of my Hunter for Classic. For wPvP though you should be fine with all the range. Even much of BGs once they go live.

I actually didn’t believe this, but according to every professor’s favorite website, Wikipedia, 2003 was the first year LCD monitors outsold CRTs. Color me surprised.

Yall want proof it wasnt in vanilla? Go ahead and watch both these videos, you will notice that not one time in the entirety of Neilyos video does Leeway melee damage occur. And yet it is clearly easy as hell to replicate on the beta/stress test, but by all means blizzard and blizzard reps would never do something stupid right?
Vanilla rogue PVP Neilyo
Leeway BS

And Classic is capturing the 1.12 experience, so we’re talking late 2006. Things really weren’t as archaic as people think. And players weren’t as clueless as some claim either, but that’s another issue.

I suppose we were late to the party then, but I was also thinking more 2004ish than late 2006. I know I had a flat screen monitor by then.

I remember very good rogues on vanilla that would snare a warrior and try to kite bleed them, moving just a little bit to stay between the melee range and the intercept’s deadzone.

This kind of skill, that separate good players from average players will mean nothing with this leeway bullcrap.


Look, I agree the leeway is…rough. It certainly looks like it’ll make aoe farming with Blizzard much harder for mages. I was just watching a video here:

In the beginning it’s pretty amazing how far away that Worgen is and still hitting the gnome. But if that’s how it was in Vanilla, that’s how it was in Vanilla.

Mogar… We both know that is completely not true…

HOWEVER, even using your claim that everyone and their mammy had ‘high speed’ internet back then, then we can assert that the average speed was somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500kbps… TODAY, the average speed is 25mbps… That means that even if we accept your nonsense claim that everyone was playing wow on ‘high speed internet’ back in 2004 that would have been nearly TWENTY-TIMES SLOWER than the current ‘average’ speed today…

So that means that YOU as a classic ‘purist’ who demands Leeway needs to ALSO demand that Blizzard throttle their servers to make them nearly TWENTY-TIMES slower and laggier because that was an ESSENTIAL element to an authentic ‘classic experience’… I eagerly await your post on the forums to demand throttling as part of the ‘NO CHANGES’ purism…

See you seem reasonable, but it wasn’t in vanilla. I have no idea why they are attempting to add it in now, but literally thousands of pvp videos and their own damn patch notes disagree with leeway having been in vanilla.

Except it was in Vanilla. There was a comment in that first video linking a video from back in Vanilla that shows a very similar thing happening.

I started it a few seconds earlier, but at 4:39 you’ll see a tiger hit the mage from far away. This absolutely existed in Vanilla.

and yet in that very video, for the next full 10 seconds he stands at the exact range he was hit at, mouse kiting (which activate leeway btw) and isnt hit again. That one hit was probably the result of bad ping/ latency. Watch any video of leeway in the beta, it is consistent in its range.
Matter of fact, look at 4:46-4:48 at .25 speed, he clearly enters the leeway range, and is side strafing and isnt hit by the tiger.


and you continue to live in denial.

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OF course i live in denial…Their is loaaaaaaaaaaaads of proof it didnt exist, and the only “credible” bit of evidence that it did is devs saying it did. The same devs who mock their playerbase “You think you do, but you dont”. The same devs who over the course of 15 years turned the game into the absolute travesty that it is today. Why would I trust their knowledge, more so than the archived footage of the game, along with the patch notes?

Like honestly you can watch this same video as me and tell me you experienced that back then? You see that video and think nothing is wrong? Do you realize how useless hunters and ranged classes are going to be in pvp??? Why roll a ranged class if a warrior has half their range with his freakin stick?

Dude, it’s ok, you’ll be ok. Hunters have such a huge advantage on melee its not even funny. The only classes I can see hurting by this are shamans, priests, and warlocks

How in the world do hunters have an advantage on melee classes wtf haha. Why, if hunters have such an advantage, were they not ranked among the best players in pvp? Since the beginning of wow people have complained about hunters being op, despite leaderboards and stats proving otherwise. The only reason people thought, and still think, hunters were/are op, is that being kited is not a good feeling. I seriously want to know how you think hunters have an advantage over any melee class in the game though. Because from my perspective the opposite is the truth. Keep in mind btw, hunters didnt have disengage ( as you see it in retail) till cata. before then it was a simple threat dissolver. So hunters had 0 escapes aside from fd/ trap.

You don’t know much about how internet works, do you? Bandwidth (measured in KBPS or MBPS) is merely the limitation on how much information can be transferred to and from a server. It does nothing to address SPEED. Therefore, if your bandwidth meets or exceeds the requirements of the application of game, then further increasing your bandwidth will have absolutely 0 affect in increasing your connection speed. That said, if you have lower bandwidth than what the particular application or game demands, you will experience a bottleneck.

However, WoW only uses about 500 kbps bandwidth. This means that a player with consistent 500 kbps speed will have no issue running the game even in 2019. Therefore, your theory that internet speeds are “25 times faster” is false.

What is significantly more important is LATENCY, or the time it takes your device to communicate with the server. Latency can be reduced by, for example, using a wired connection versus wireless.

I found this out when I changed internet service providers recently. I went from 15 MBPS to a whopping 250 MBPS. Guess what? My latency more than doubled. But when I switched to a wired connection, my latency went down to a very reasonable 40-60 MS.

In fact, with the rise of wireless technology, more players are likely to be in wireless in 2019 than in 2004. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to theorize that many people’s latency will actually be HIGHER nowadays than back in vanilla days due to the proliferation of use of wireless connections versus wired connections.

Scatter? Intimidate? Counter attack?

This is too obvious

just a huntard, move along.

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Haha, you actually have no clue what you are talking about…no hunter specced pecced properly will have eithier intimidate or counter. And scatter is no better than warlocks mortal coil or rogues blind…anything else?

But lets see…pallys have hoj, bubble, lay…rogues have evasion, blind, smoke, vanish, kidney, cheapshot…warriors have charge, intercept, intimidate, and aloooot more armour than other classes…so again how are hunters op?