Hunters/mages? Leeway

Hey so I found out about this mechanic, “leeway”, This morning, and have since spent the day looking through reddit posts and forum posts alike. I’ve realized several things.

A. Melee leeway was never intended to be in WoW vanilla and it completely ruins several important aspects of the game. AKA kiting mostly. I have several videos of this that i would link to if these crappy forums allowed it.
B. Spell Leeway was indeed in the game and was in fact added in patch 1.3.0—

  • Spells in PvP now have a slight increase in range and area of effect when targets are moving. This should improve the overall usability of spells and ranged attacks.

C. Basically by making this post i’m asking the question of is this truly going to make it into Classic? If so I’m going to have to re-roll, because this mechanic clearly destroys kiting. Which is y’know the biggest hallmark of Vanilla Hunter/ Mage…

Seriously I need some answers from blizz. Because this severely influences my choice of class. I’m not going to play a hunter if i’m going to be unable to kite, it literally ruins the class, atleast in pvp.

If you want an extremely obvious example of this google “Norththemage Hes losing it bros” it will bring up a clip that makes this extremely obvious what im talking about.

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Just going by my own experience during the last stress test, it doesn’t seem to be much.

We were having a faction battle in Westfall, and it was useless trying to chase. I’d be mid cast, they barely go out of range, and the cast would fail. Didn’t seem to be much leeway if there was any. slight may be right.

*For reference I had around 30ms ping and was experiencing no issues, so that definitely wasn’t it. Just seems to be that it’s a small window.

Are we talking melee cast as in Heroic strike or cast as in Lightning Bolt? Because as I explained those are 2 hugely different things in this case. Spell casts were given an extra 2 yard leeway range on patch 1.3.0…Meaning if you began casting a spell on a target that was in range, but he moved away from you, to outside your casting range, as long as he only moved within 2 yards of your effective casting range the spell would still go off and hit the target.

Okay, here you go.


Well thats awesome. Glad they ruined my favorite class…again. Can’t even have vanilla hunter anymore huh? Looks like well be seeing just about only warriors/rogues. Fckin blizzard man, cant do anything properly, not even rerelease their own game.


There is no need for Leeway to be in Classic WoW.

The ONLY reason leeway existed in classic was because most people were playing the game on dial-up internet with pings typically in the 600-1200 range.

Unless Blizz is going to throtle their classic servers to reproduce that kind of latency, there is simply no justifaction for Leeway to exist in Classic.

Anyone who says ‘No Changes’ about Leeway needs to ALSO demand that Bizz throtle their Classic servers to 600-1200+ ping with random disconnects because THAT is the 100% PURE AUTHENTIC ‘Classic Experience’.


rofl that melee range hurts my eyes. rip all hunters

Yes it was. It was in by design very deliberately. Classic devs have said this. Old Vanilla devs have said this. I’ve watched Kevin Jordan remark about it a few times. It was absolutely intended design.

Now, internet connections are a lot better these days, so would it have been added if Vanilla was made in 2019? That’s debatable. And irrelevant. Classic seeks to be as authentic as possible and recapture that experience, and leeway was part of that experience.

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Dude leway is only like 3 yards extra while your moving, big whoop, can still blink nova and obliterate anyone in their deadzone

Hunters will be fine, actually now as long as a hunter is moving they dont have deadzones. And if you are kiting you have to just give yourself an extra 3 yards (which with 41 yard range wont effect the style)

only 3 yards, hahahahahaha. dude come on…even 3 yards is a huge deal in vanilla. You know what 3 yards could accomplish? An additional auto…an additional GCD…Regardless I found out just now that they have completely gutted hunter anyways. so it really doesnt matter. Guess ill join the rogue/warrior bandwagon like everyone else. Fckin christ i hate blizzard, honestly.

It doesn’t destroy Jack crap. Id just roll what you were going to roll and you will be fine. It was in vanilla. and it will be in classic.

It wasnt in vanilla, they are clearly just being lazy. They dont want to do any extra coding to take leeway out. Also the made scattershot and ice trap Have diminishing returns now (never mind rogues and kidney shot/cheap shot), made traps have a smaller activation range vs stealth targets, and made it so warriors can charge through traps. They actually completely destroyed any hope for hunters lmfao. Not as if they werent already one of the most time consuming classes to learn and play, y’know with having to control your character and your pet, as well has leveling not just yourself, but your pet. and making sure you had ammo, and food for your pet, and holding yourself at range so as to not be forced into melee, and pet taming/training for hours to make your pets as strong as possible. I’m disgusted with blizz. yet again they decided to destroy hunters for no reason. They werent the best in pvp. They werent the best in pve. And yet somehow blizz still decided to nerf us instead of the top contenders. 10/10

Mogar… Leeway was put in the game because everyone had dial-up internet back then with pings in the 600-1200 range… So in order to provide an authentic classic experience, Bliz must now throttle their servers so that everyone is playing with 600-1200+ ping because that was the classic experience.

Prometheios — What do you mean scatter-shot and ice trap share the same CD? That was not in classic.

Sorry i Misspoke, editing original comment

So does leeway make feral druids just that much better in pvp?

I told him this in another thread, then he broke out and started this thread. He just doesn’t want to believe it was in vanilla.

Yes, it also makes warriors and rogues damn near unstoppable. Expect to get hit from a warrior 10 yard away. Oh the fun…

Contrary to popular belief Vanilla didn’t launch in the Stone Age. Plenty, if not most players, had high speed internet. And flat screen monitors.

It wasn’t a bug man, they put it in intentionally.

Classic comes out in a week. Nothing is getting pulled now.

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edit: For the record, I despise leeway and I think it’s awful… but it’s coming regardless.