Hunters dropping in DPS Rankings every week

Can we get some of the 67% nerf we got done to us 2 weeks or so into this season undone so we can go up some instead of every week according to wowhead we keep going down and down and down. I know here comes the you can move you shouldnt be good dps. lol.


Remember at the start of 10.2 and all the classes shouting “BM too OP”?

Just remember players will find the best spec even if it’s 1% better, but by doing so it makes that gap wider.

This also leads to raid groups being very strict about group makeup, means some specs will be severely underrepresented in fights where they’re considered unworthy.

There are still some specs ranking higher than they should simply because they still stealing credit from Aug buffs. For example, a sizable portion of BM’s pet damage is not being credited. This means some specs are doing better than it was originally shown, and BM is doing worse.

But it doesn’t matter, because these rankings are stupid, and just play what is fun.

Wowhead’s weekly rankings post is just hot garbage for so many reasons, but BM hasn’t been as good as they claim for a while. Unless things have changed in the last two weeks, BM is still the spec leeching the most from Augvoker buffs. Kill Cleave and other pet issues means BM is ~3-4% lower than WCL shows.

MM, on the other hand, is a tad bit higher than WCL shows, because hooks are giving Augvokers credit for buffs MM never gets. Not sure why it seems to just be MM, but plenty of logs showing it to be true.

As for the nerf BM got in the beginning of the season, I think it was needed but too much. Of course, if they just fix the fact that Call of the Wild is still reduced by Animal Companion, it would be fine. It just feels like they’re not testing anything and still making adjustments based on napkin math, and forgetting that some things are still bugged.


Personally, I felt the nerf to tier set was needed. But now our ST feels too low. So I recommend nerfing kill cleave by 10% and buffing kill command by 10%. So our AoE would be about the same but ST would be stronger.

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Aye. There’s a reason fflogs, for instance, deducts the expected offensive value received from single-target external buffs from any default metric considered for job (class/spec) balance. Else, the gap between first place and second would look vast, rather than smaller than the standard deviation of crit chance between any two runs.

  • (Yes, jobs with greater buff exploitation do offer greater party damage than those with lesser buff exploitation, but they’re only half the picture and the metrics would otherwise tend to conflate the performance difference as both the differential and the entirety of the buffs, rather than just the differential.)

And that still doesn’t account for braindrain if/when the top-performing quick-to-swap players, well, swap to the leading spec…

imagine taking warcraftlogs dps rankings post seriously lmao

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Id like an example log of this mm damage being not attributed to the aug evoker, because i dont believe this to be true at all and MM is hot garbage in the rankings, it shows every week of 10.2.5 that the spec’s stats was proppped up by well played MM players who was getting pi’s autum and exploiting the early bosses heavy aoe pad fights combined with a low ammount of data and those players was also in guilds pushing up to near HOF level so they got plenty of early kills. now those players are all on fyrakk and the data is showing just how poorly MM is doing and should honestly be buffed.


And then you got players writing post about ’ how easy / ops the class’ … ’ is only a two button class :joy: ’ such post are a reverse psychology; what they mean to say is We hate the class, We want you to nerf it more, and if it turns ops like in the beginning of 10.2 We will campaign restlessly until it gets nerf again.

I mean look at what those individuals who write such PO did to Survival Hunter… they make sure class was never playable again.
When was the last time that class was a contender?? 6 or 7yrs ago…
You can thank our buddy who wrote how BM easy / op class is to play…
Same one who endlessly wrote about the need of SV to be nerf…
Tired of Devs listening to a particular niche of our vast community

They claimed the opposite, that Aug is being overattributed.

The credit for the value of buffs is, for now, less than perfect. It may overcredit the Aug, in which case the buffed spec looks weaker than it actually is, or may undercredit the Aug, in which case the buffed spec looks stronger than it actually is.

They’re merely saying that certain of the buffs give Aug more credit than it’s due, assigning to it some damage that would have occurred even without the Aug, making MM look weaker than it is. Not by much, of course, and MM would still need balance even without Augmentation.

No one makes this joke about any but BM, which is a spec, not a class. Nor would that be reverse psychology.

Again, BM’s not a class, and a single person noting an advantage in ease of play isn’t going to reshape the game’s balance.

Not endlessly; they gave a joke —singular— about nerfing whoever sees little representation and buffing whoever sees high representation. Nor, given the lack of changes in line with that joke, were they listened to.

Bm in early 10.2 was bugged. the nerfs was warranted. as the bug fix literally increased pet damage by 30%. infact when they nerfed bm with the bugfix it ended up being a buff, BM sims at around 243k in max gear which is still top simming and the spec is simple an it shows its performance in high in content as the vast amount of results it still remains little over mid average, which when you are one of the most played specs in the game (only other one being ret) then its obvious how the spec preforms and its data is not dragged up by the top performers and averages out between the lowest tier player an the top tier players. Surv isnt even bad, its just why would you ever play hunter to be melee when war/rogue/dh exist.


Fun, Features, and/or Favorable Performance.

Sadly, SV has only the first, and not by any real leap or bound in single-target, or even most situations outside of PvP or more frenetic M+ runs.

Heck, especially with tier, MM generally has the more interesting short preps for raid adds (not by much given FotE CDR, but still) and certainly more interesting 2-target.

literally at the end of last expansion lol


hunters bring meme utility for the most part and their survivability is a massive crutch

yeah surv had its moment in sl 3/4 but 1. survivability was less important 2. its damage was so silly goofy it made up for the flaws

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I can’t post links, but there is a github detailing all of the augvoker hooks that are currently bugged. There is an entire section where Azortharion shows logs where MM is giving credit to the Evoker for Shifting Sands despite not actually having the buff at the time. I don’t know how much this affects the credit, but it’s definitely a thing.

gist.github .com/ljosberinn/a2f08a53cfe8632a18350eea44e9da3e

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:rofl: :rofl: Really! Tell that to the thousands of post before your comment and the ones that coming right after.

Devs do listen, when is convenient for them. Had to abide by forum guidelines can’t mention names.

Wasn’t bug, it was competitive for about two days until the nerf came.

??? it is literally a fact that sv was one of the 2 strongest specs by far in S3 and 4 of SL.

Yes it was

Feel like you must be trolling at this point

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Trolling! …because I disagree all the sudden is trolling. Anyways, Cancel my subscription after reading that Microsoft took over. Just going to let it run its course.

And Yea I did research this

And nope, websites such as WoW meta, Icy vein, and WoW head among many others put SV in Tier- B

SL stands for shadowlands dunno why current tier lists have anything to do with this?

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:rofl: that’s your own statement dude, You said SV was a strong spec during SL… I research it, and No you wrong It was tier B, meaning garbage spec, was back then and it is worse today. Think you need to play Chess and leave WoW alone,

You wrote that, not me :rofl: I unsubscribe, You should too… :laughing:

it was meta during SL S3 in keystones
the SL S3 meta was
Destro Lock
Surv hunter

the 3rd dps slot often went to WW but could also be another destro/surv or something else like mage

the meta in SLS4 was basically the same, some of the highest keys early were done with 3 surv hunters for the memes

i literally played surv in s3 and all u gotta do is check rio