Hunter/Priest/Lock LF new Home

Hello! I’m looking for a guild for Shadowlands… Currently I am maining my hunter but willing to play my Warlock or Priest (I have historically always been a healer for raids) I am an older player mid-30s, full-time Mom/Wife, part-time nurse, I don’t have the time to go all out hardcore anymore, but I am reliable and mature and still enjoy progressing. I would prefer a drama-less, social atmosphere. Preferably PG-13 rated, I get enough trash and crass on tv. And hopefully a guild low-key enough that if I can drag my husband back into Azeroth casual enough to let a pleb like him join up. He enjoys the story and dungeons but isn’t interested in progression raiding.

If you think we might be a match hit me up! I’m on off and on throughout the day and in the evenings. My hunter’s name is Alorielle, priest is Maive and 'lock is Kassabella. Im typically found on one of those three.


Hi Feyre! Hey, I know this is a lengthy read but, I think we check a lot of the boxes for ya! Hope to hear from ya soon!