Hunter/Lock Pet Bars covering Pet Battle Buttons

Whenever I do pet battles on my Hunter or Warlock, their pet action bars drop down and cover up the majority of the pet battle UI. I’m not sure why they just don’t disappear like they used to. Anyone else having this problem?

With the new UI, I guess I could move them, but where? I really like them where they are, default setting is on top of my three rows of action bars. Is this a known bug? I saw no reference to it in the Bugs forum.


Paladins were having this issue as well, but it looks like it was fixed before going live with the pre-patch. Best thing we can do is submit bug reports about, and hopefully a hotfix will happen soon ^^’

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Ok, good, they’ll get to it I suppose. Did you have this issue too?

I main a paladin, but I checked on my Warlock & Hunter alts to grab a screenshot. Unfotunately, I didn’t catch it on the beta because I was only on paladins there xD

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I started a thread in the bug report forums about it ^^

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The best you can do is before going out and about to do pet battle dailies is too dismiss your pets…I had it happen to me and I just dismiss my pet before heading out to do pet battles.

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This effects Unholy DK’s as well. Hopefully they get it fixed soon.


I am noticing it now after DF launch. My Voidwalker pet bar remains visible during Pet Battles and covers some of my Pet Battle buttons.

The pet bar needs to be coded to hide during Pet Battles (like other UI elements).