Warlock & Hunter Pet Action Bars Over Pet Battle UI

As the title says, the warlock and hunter pet action bar covers the pet battle UI when battling.


This happens with my unholy DK pet bar as well.

I didn’t even think about the DKs until I did some pet battles with one of mine yesterday. Thank you for adding them to the list!

same here - seeing that this post is older it isnt fixed yet… GJ Blizzard

Been encountering this since the pre-patch, and ran into it again today. Hopefully fixed soon.

Having this problem too. Please fix it.

I’m glad someone posted about this. I thought it was just me.

Still not fixed.

It has been this way on my warlock for over a month now

This is still in live right now, very annoying

I hope they manage to fix it with the jan 24 10.0.5 patch, 'cause the bug is still there now. I usually don’t do pet battles much, but I managed to get hit with this bug during the “Born to be Wilder” questline.