Hunter Tier Set Fixes

The 4pc vs no set bonus at all is a 13.5% DPS increase. The problem is that most specs are seeing ~25% DPS increase from the same. SV is getting a 30% boost from theirs - the best in the game. I’m fine with them getting that boost, because they’ve been crapped on for years, but BM’s set bonus needs to be brought up to snuff.


3 % with added extra to dam reduced beyond 8 tagets with BC, at this stage better than nothing, but needs alot more.


Having gotten my 4PC this week and given it a go with Survival. It feels…awkward.

Currently the optimal way to play is to hold a charge of Wildfire Bomb at all times, that way when you get a 2pc proc you can spend it immediately and be refunded that single charge of Wildfire bomb. If you don’t hold a charge of Wildfire Bomb basically you’re stuck waiting around 8-12 seconds for Wildfire Bomb to come off CD to utilize your 2pc Proc, the whole time you may have already gotten 1-2 other procs that are wasted.

This results in, basically …not spending resources and a feeling of being punished for accidentally spending that last charge, even if you needed that extra bit of damage.

Getting back to back procs when a pack of mobs is at 5% health that you didn’t really help kill because you were holding a charge feels bad as well. “Hang on guys! I’ll help kill the next pack for sure! … If I get any procs.”

It also makes it important to have an addon to help track the buff that basically says “Hey you can use that Wildfire Bomb charge”.

My feedback would be instead of making it so our next cast of Wildfire Bomb refunds itself, just… make it so that the 2Pc Proc gives us back charge of Wildfire Bomb. That way we can use both Wildfire Bomb charges and if we get a proc, happy bonus.

Additionally due to how valuable these procs are you end up spamming Kill Command during Pheromone Bomb just fishing for 2pc Procs regardless of if you cap focus as getting a 2pc Proc outweighs everything else. Even outside of Pheromone bomb (which feels bad when you don’t or barely get any Pheromone bombs during a fight) you’re focused on Kill Command resets over Raptor Strike/Serpent Sting, etc. We spend most of a fight just fishing for bomb resets, everything else forgotten.

I feel as if tying the procs to Raptor Strike or even Serpent Sting would’ve made that feel better. Though it’s late to make any sort of major changes I understand.

A neat and extreme change would’ve been to take away the charge system from Wildfire Bomb and instead make it cost focus. Raptor Strike single target, Wildfire Bomb AOE, simple, our Mastery now affects Wildfire Bomb too, Bonus. Make Carve…idk, do something else, spread Serpent Sting or something, put a Bleed On Everything, turn the mobs into chickens, idk.

Sure Survival needs a bit of a rework and I don’t expect that now but a change to how the 2PC works would be nice.

The bahavior of the MM 4-set has been bugged and otherwise obfuscated since inception and our attempts to play around it continuously thwarted by inconsistent focus contribution behaviors. What would help improve the gameplay experience drastically is when equipping the 4-set we receive a stacking buff with a stack count matching whatever count out of 40 that the game holds internally so that we have the same information the game does as to when we can make use of the 4-set and choose our next cast properly.

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For an example on this, I encountered this scenario in a run that ruins our currently best known way of tracking our 4-set progress. Starting at the beginning of a dungeon that I re-equipped the set bonus to make sure the counter was reset, these were the casts. The Trick Shots triggers and cast timestamps were omitted until the last cast as they were as expected.

casts Aimed Shot on Gatewarden Zo’mazz [0 → 35]
casts Aimed Shot on Customs Security 6 [35 → 30]
casts Multi-Shot [30 → 10]
casts Aimed Shot on Gatewarden Zo’mazz [10 → 5]
casts Aimed Shot on Customs Security 6 [5 → 0]
casts Multi-Shot [0 → 20]
casts Aimed Shot on Customs Security 6 [20 → 15]
casts Aimed Shot on Gatewarden Zo’mazz [15 → 10]
casts Aimed Shot on Gatewarden Zo’mazz [10 → 5]
casts Kill Shot on Gatewarden Zo’mazz [5 → 15]
casts Arcane Shot on Customs Security 6 [15 → 35]
casts Arcane Shot on Customs Security 6 [35 → 15]
casts Arcane Shot on Gatewarden Zo’mazz [15 → 35]
casts Multi-Shot [35 → 15]
casts Kill Shot on Urh Relic 1 [15 → 25]
casts Multi-Shot [25 → 5]
casts Aimed Shot on Customs Security 7 [5 → 0]
---------------------- unexpected trigger on next cast ----------------------
00:57.446 Jayeasy gains Trick Shots from Jayeasy
00:57.509 Jayeasy casts Aimed Shot on Interrogation Specialist 5 [0 → 35]
00:57.509 Jayeasy’s Trick Shots fades from Jayeasy

You can see this last cast unexplainably triggers Trick Shots while the current state of the total focus spent should be back to 0. This wasn’t even reproducible when I tried the exact sequence afterwards on target dummies multiple times, so there is some random bug that prevents us from being able to track this. Knowing what the game holds internally through a stacking buff would be the best way to ensure we can actually optimize our set bonus as long as these things keep happening.


Bumping request, was made aware Druid actually has a buff exactly like this with Arcanic Pulsar. Having the same kind of stacking buff would massively improve our experience playing with the 4-set since we need to constantly adapt casts based on this number. As long as the stacks represent at most 5 focus intervals or the exact amount exists in the tooltip we could make use of it.

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Got AOTC tonight as a BM hunter. 5 parsed it but hey a kill is a kill.



No, not really. With absolutely maximum gear, the 4pc is about a 665 dps upgrade. The two piece is about a 1000(ish) dps upgrade. The 4pc is worse than the 2 piece. But, let’s say you want to say instead what the aggregate is: Roughly 1665(ish) dps. (You can see this breakdown on Bloodmallet where it shows you what the tier set bonuses each contribute)

Keep in mind, however, that this is with the best in slot gear. Meaning, of course, almost everyone else will see substantially lower until that “mythical point” exists.

And, for the final total, both bonuses combined yield a grand total of 13.58% of our damage with absolutely best gear in game. (Mind you, this number is drastically lower for any covenant that is not Night Fae.)

I’m confused about the “No, not really” part. My comment said “4pc vs no set bonus at all” is 13.5% and you corrected by giving the same information. Did I miss something or did you just misunderstand my comment?

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My statement is more nuanced. I indicated the aggregate - 2 AND 4 pc. The 4pc itself does not give the increase you indicated. However, both the 2 AND 4 pc combined do.

Requesting again and still that we get a tracking aura that tells us what focus count the game hold internally for the MM 4-set. I’ve been finding endless cases of focus count resets on zone changes that don’t seem to behave consistently at all.

no reset:

I’m noticing in the few instances I tested in, indoor to outdoor, outdoor to indoor, and outdoor to outdoor resets, indoor to indoor does not

In the world zones such as traversing outdoor Orgrimmar zones, I get a reset. Bastion however is not giving me a reset in the outdoor to outdoor zone changes.

Meanwhile in Dalaran, indoor to indoor does not reset for me, while in Orgrimmar indoor areas, indoor to indoor zone changes do reset.

At this point there’s just no clear logic to determine when a reset will occur and it makes it impossible for us to track with the information we have.


We we are receiving a “fix” that prevents us from going into a fight with focus toward our set which was incredibly useful for being able to cast our first aimed and have it buffed, just what we wanted!

I’m continuing to find and document more and more cases of nonsensical situations that reset the counter, adding more is very unfortunate. The least we could get is a tracking aura to tell us what the game holds for the value so that madness can end.


After tracking those event combinations and documenting a ton of them the only guarantee I can seem to make is that an indoors/outdoors change according to the IsOutdoors() api call when a FOG_OF_WAR_UPDATED event fires means a reset happens. They don’t even all necessarily come tied to the ZONE_CHANGED event variations but a more accurately the FOG_OF_WAR_UPDATED event that usually comes alongside the other events, but sometimes comes alone.
For events coming without an indoor/outdoor change, such as a ZONE_CHANGED + FOG_OF_WAR_UPDATED combo happening often in open world areas, some cases decide to reset while others don’t so there’s just no way to delineate. Also like I mentioned there’s also random cases of FOG_OF_WAR_UPDATE coming alone without a zone change event paired with it and no indoors/outdoors change, but still decides to reset the count, like this arbitrary point in a DoS corridor where I’ve tested a guaranteed reset happening

Still requesting a tracking aura that we can rely on to relay the in-game count without having to play guessing games endlessly!


There is a problem with the survival hunter 4pc tier bonus.
The bleeding from the blue bomb, the shrapnel bomb, is not affected by the 4pc bonuses. I tried on different targets multiple times, but the bleeding damage is not increased when the 4pc bonus is active.

This ship sailed. They just nerfed leggo bombs altogether.

I spent the day testing the failed beast mastery tier set today. it was horrible, as anticipated: there was little to no difference between having as little mastery as possible or close to 30% in fact. not suprising at all. the beast cleave 4 piece bonus was never looked upon as a good programming decision in particular, another epic failure in comparison with the great legion time of beast mastery i was unable to participate in as i took the prior two expansions off to work on my spirit body to remote view my enemies which i now plan to use on the people responsible for this program of deception designed to insult my royal vampire heritage in particular, and as far as i’m concerned, theotar is an antonym of royal vampire man, take a look at the fake prince in sinfall nearby also, this is an insult on top of an insult that i now take very personally in fact since these clowns look nothing like real dragon lineage peoples like myself (note the RED hair, green eyes of my skin, i won’t compliment on her other features).

so now you know why microsoft owns your failed marriage to a fake company that puts out lies to the public in the form of fake news with false PROMISEs man, and at the end of the day you upload ALL your lifeforce via your computer to me as i sit here making an epic list of enemies because of what you did to me btw - i blame you all - now get what you deserve when you can’t make ends meet as a result of real world psi on your nightmare foolish game you can never play for fun or win anymore, not that you could in t he first place because a worker is doomed to be a slave to a company to feed me as i now claim to be mentally disabled an will stake my claim further if i have any more problems with you!

Look on the bright side. If you play Bm
on Mythic Anduin, you’d get a 100% parse


I went zero-to-hero in 3 weeks after rerolling Warlock…from level 1 to S3 KSM.

Ya’ll should check out the pet spec that isn’t currently terrible.


hunters do not need mana anymore. they removed that after burning crusade was over years ago. it’s good they take that out. it was annoying at first. it’s better they have focus ability they needed. however, melee and ranged does not need to drink mana pots. but only casters does.