Hunter Tier Set Fixes

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Also please give Vigil an extra effect of allowing the next Aimed to be castable while moving as well as free. We’re at about 50% standstill time required to keep up optimal damage with the amount of free Aimed Shots we’re getting and it’s not pleasant that we have to do that just to put up mediocre st compared to other classes.

seems like rapid fire is bugged its doing 100% damage during trickshot

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Still waiting for this.


still no reply from blizz? they acknowledge our aoe is awful and they will fix it, then do nothing to actually fix it, drop the mic and ignore replies? where’s the blue update?


i’m just waiting for WF jailer to be done with, and blizzard can finally do some fixes to tuning

They “fixed” it.

Now shut up and resub.

There was a change to the BM 4-piece set bonus in the latest PTR build.

It’s just a wording change. But does that mean we can expect some sort of changes in 9.2.5? That seems like way too far away for fixing problems that are affecting BM right now.

The change: Killing Frenzy Kill Command critical hits increase empower your next Cobra Shot or Multi-Shot, increasing the damage and cooldown reduction of your next Cobra Shot by 40%. Cobra Shot by 40% or causing Multi-Shot to grant an additional 6.0 sec of Beast Cleave.

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Uh . . . I don’t think that’s any different than the current stated effect. It’s just been worded. It literally misses the entire point of the thread: It doesn’t help!

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Using 4 piece now and its hot garbage. My dps hasnt noticeably increased much at all meanwhile everyone around me is racing up the charts.


I only have my 2pc so far, but after seeing so many reports of the 4pc showing no discernible gains, I did some sims.

At 267 ilvl, changing my gear to give me the 4pc without changing the item level of those pieces, my DPS sim changed from 13,014 to 13,416. That’s a 402 DPS increase by having the 4pc over the 2pc.

While normally that would be a welcome increase, it equates to only a 3.08% DPS gain. Meanwhile, I’m seeing other specs get an 8-10% boost from the 4pc.

If only someone would have said something to Blizzard about this before the tier sets were available. Oh wait… we did - and were subsequently ignored.

Edit: Was directed to Bloodmallet site to see the potential of each spec’s 4pc bonus. This is that breakdown.

  • BM Hunter - 13.5% DPS Increase
  • MM Hunter - 25.5% DPS Increase
  • SV Hunter - 30.0% DPS Increase

That’s a massive difference in tier set power. So much for balance.


I may be missing something here, but if we altogether ignore the 4pc, wouldn’t that open up options that would provide more than 3% gain? Perhaps Venthyr?

MM got nerfed overnite. Pretty big AOE hit.

I made a post in GD and reddit and was told BM is fine by everyone. So we must be alright!

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That reddit thread is a great example of the raw stupidity of the average /r/wow poster. Of all the WoW forums in my experience the quality of the average /r/wow post is the worst.


Unlikely, because the 2pc and double legendaries makes having three potency conduits more important than before. Best soulbind options with Venthyr only allows two potency conduits.

Unity increases the value of covenant conduit. Rylakstalker’s increases the value of One With the Beast. Killer Cobra and 2 piece bonus makes Ferocious Appetite actually good.

Venthyr - Poor conduit pathing.
Kyrian - Overcaps Crit on Kill Command.
Necrolord - Has always been bad.
Night Fae - Less effective for BM than every other class in the game, but still our top covenant.


I’ve tried making a similar point on Reddit before, but it all boils down to people not really understanding the spec. No matter how much you tell them it isn’t easy to play (well, master, it’s extremely easy to play), they just think that because you can freely move around the spec is easy. Yes you can, at one point, have competent DPS if all you did was spam buttons and run around. But that’s not possible anymore. Mastering the spec and doing great DPS is so much more than infinite movement. And a lot of these Reddit folks (and frankly, a lot of people even outside of Reddit) don’t understand that.

Also I love in the thread there are comments like “I played BM in a 15 and was fine.” To which I want to know: did you really? Or the person said he was topping the meters in raid. Was it LFR? There’s no way in an established raid group with a Demo lock or an MM in it that you were topping the meters. There is just no way, unless they were extremely undergeared compared to you. Then there are people praising BM’s ST. It’s okay, not great, but it’s what people think we’re supposed to be good at. But we sadly, aren’t. Also is it wrong to want something better for your spec? We’re currently sitting at the bottom of the meters, surely people realize that isn’t a good place to be.

But overall this is outside of the point of this thread: we should be discussing the 2p/4o set bonus. So let’s circle back to that. Even though it has been said to death already.

Currently it’s only worth being NF to benefit most from the set bonus. Where as before you could get away with being Kyrian, NF, or Venthyr and still be competent. It’s just not worth it being either Venthyr or Kyrian. You have far too much crit to benefit from Kyrian, and Venthyr’s playstyle is at odds with the set bonus. That leaves NF. Which isn’t the best option for BM, but it’s best option available.

The other issue, at least for me, I really do not like the playstyle that NF provides. The CD is too long, and the rotation is clunky. I really like Venthyr’s playstyle, but there really is no point in playing Venthyr because it’s just a massive DPS loss to use Kill Shots during BW uptime.

Anyway, this has all been said to death, and I don’t feel that Blizzard is going to fix, change, or otherwise even look at the set bonuses, let alone the spec as a whole. It was a miracle they even added multishot to the set bonus in the first place.


Part of it is obviously just that some people want to crap on others, especially on Reddit. Another big part of it is that classes often look fine from an outsider view. I see Ret Paladins complaining constantly, but they seemed fine to me. Then I looked into it a bit and talked to a couple Ret friends and realize they’re in nearly as bad a position as BM - just in a different way.

When it comes down to it, though, the numbers don’t lie. BM’s single target max sim is only higher than WW Monk, but WW Monk has substantially higher AoE/Cleave damage. When single target damage is supposed to be your niche and you’re essentially the worst in the game at doing it, there is a problem.

If the game was more alt friendly, I’d switch to another class. After nearly 18 years playing a Hunter, it’s hard to just give all that up and start from scratch. I could always switch to MM, but I honestly just don’t enjoy the playstyle of MM and what is the point of playing the game if you’re not enjoying it.

That being said, I still enjoy playing my Hunter as BM. The problem is, with the numbers where they are, I’m having a hell of a time getting invited to the content I want to do. Those numbers matter when people are recruiting for their groups and raids. Regardless of how well I play my class, they will only see the potential.


I agree 100%. This is the same exact issue I’m facing. Been playing this Hunter since the release of the game, and I really don’t want to invest what little time I have already into making another character (or just gearing up the ones that are already at 60). I want to play the class and the spec I want to play because it is what I enjoy. And my spec should be viable for all content in the eyes of the players who are recruiting for group content. And that shouldn’t be that much of an issue.


Lots of folks came to Hunter to play the ranger with beast companion archetype.

That used to be the core of all 3 specs, and now you’re down to one option, beast mastery.

Marksmanship sacrifices their pet, Survival is a melee explosives expert.

The only spec that holds on to the class fantasy that brought many to the class is the one that’s essentially an afterthought to devs. From borrowed power like enchants not affecting your pets, stripping of design complexity, systemic gutting of pet functionality, class wide lack of defensive functionality leading to the most populous class being underrepresented in any content as damage ramps up. Core talents applying blanket auras that cripple other talents.

And to be honest I wouldn’t be much bothered by all of this if complaints from players of other classes didn’t lead to bizarre and compounded nerfs to functionality.

Bring back focus fire, fix our set bonus to actually be the 10% bump it should be and not 3, and take a long hard look at the class for season 4.