Hunter pets don't come with growl?

After completing the dwarf quest to be able to tame the pets, I let the ice claw bear that you tame at the end of the quest go and then used the tame ability on it. After taming it, it doesn’t have the Growl ability and there isn’t an option to train Growl rank 1 or rank 2 at the Pet Trainer. There IS the option to train Growl rank 3 at level 20 at the pet trainer though. Why am I unable to train my bear to use the Growl rank 1 ability?


You need to tame an animal that has growl, then you can use that ability with your other animals.


Isn’t there a pet trainer you have to learn it from first?

Growl is the only active skill that is not learned by taming creatures that already know it. The first two ranks of Growl are learned when you complete the final step of the level 10 Hunter quest (so make sure you do the final step!). After that, you can purchase a new rank of Growl from the pet trainer every 10 levels (at levels 20, 30, and so on).

-That’s from 2008. Not sure if it was the case in 2004 as well.

Also - Welcome to Classic Hunters!


My first pet was an owl. I used it just for a bit, learned growl, then abandoned it and got a boar. For whatever reason my boar doesn’t have that ability.


Open your spell book, go to general there is a thing that looks like sling shot open it click growl. :slight_smile:


Growl isn’t a pet baseline ability, it’s trained from your Beast Training.


From my understanding you have to tame a pet with the ability, train the ability (which I did from the owl), and then your future pets would know it. At the pet trainers I see I’m coming up for Growl (rank 3) so that would imply I already have it, wouldn’t it?

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Growl is learned from pet trainer, not pets.


OK, little confused then why when I got my first pet after the first kill with it my chat showed I learned it, but I digress. Since the trainer is only offering level 3 once I hit 20, where do I get ranks 1 and 2?


You learned growl when you learned the other skills from your class quest, revive, dismiss, etc.


Not an expert on petopia, but bears may not be able to learn growl? (not looking it up). My pet is a cat. I took the time, and now he knows claw rank 3 and bite rank 3. My cat was like Vietnam Eddie Murphy in the movie Trading Places. My cat was like, “TEETH!!! I have teeth. CLAWS!!! I have claws”. I love pets so it’s worth the effort.


This might be helpful.


What Bandetx said. You learn growl automatically when you complete your level 10 quests. Click on the slingshot icon ability and turn teach your pet growl (for free, no points).


Open up “pet training” it’s a skill that looks like a slingshot icon in your general skills tab.


Blockquote What Bandetx said. You learn growl automatically when you complete your level 10 quests. Click on the slingshot icon ability and turn teach your pet growl (for free, no points).

Got it! Thank you!

Youll want to look up a hunter pet training guide. It takes alot of effort ti have a good pet

When you complete the taming quest at level 10, it would reward you the “Beast Training” ability which has a “sling shot” icon.

You have to press this sling shot button everytime you have a new pet. It opens up the skills that you could teach your pet including GROWL. Teach your pet GROWL as all new pets you would tame has no GROWL.

You would learn more pet skills from 2 sources: pet trainer and Beasts from the wild. Pet trainer teaches you Natural Armor, Stamina at rank 1, 2, etc. The skill Dive, Dash, Cower, Furious Howl can be learned from the Beasts from the wild. There is a Hunter skill called “Beast Lore” available at level 24 that allows you to see what skill the Beast has when you target them.

To learn the skill the Beast has. You have to tame them, feed them and after using the pet for a while, you would learn its skills.

I will give you an example. Lets say i have this favorite pet, an Owl but it has no Dive skill. I see a Buzzard in Arathi Highland which has Dive skill. I will tame the Buzzard, feed and use it. After a while, my hunter would learn the Dive skill from the pet. Then, i could abandon the Buzzard pet, summon back to my owl. Click the Beast Training button. And teach my owl the new Dive skill.

Most pets we tame has no or less skill. To upgrade their skill, we need to train them either from the skill we learned from pet trainer or from the skill we learned from other beasts we tamed.


Thanks for this post explaining. I couldn’t figure out why the pet skills I was learning weren’t showing up on my pet tab. I had to use the sling shot to get them applied and then they showed up.

So complicated.

How long do you have to use a new pet to learn the skill or it is pretty instant ?

Each time the pet gains a level, he should gain more training points. At low levels, it will be just a few, but as he levels up higher, you’ll have more than enough to spend on upgrading his abilities.

Check back with the pet trainer periodically to learn new ranks of Growl, stamina and armor to teach him. At some point (level 20 I think?) you can start teaching them resistances, too.

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No I meant for myself to learn them. Turns out it is one or two attacks so far.