Hunter nerf didnt effect wind serpent

Clearly states going forward they are gonna reign in on the BM rune and compensate via hunter main spells. BM nerf hit and there was no compensation.

And since lb cost 50 you still get 2 off in rapid succession. If you increased the cost to like 60 focus you could not 2 tap lightening breath as fast and it would reduce the burst alot.

BM = Pet Skills. Chimera Shot = Hunter Main spells

Chimera shot “RUNE”. Arcane shot "Main Spell’


They are talking about skills that are directly coming from the hunter, and not damage from the pet.

Do you see any adjustments there that say Arcane Shot…? No. Please put on glasses.

Yea they need to reword it to hunter runes.

Runes are not main spells.

Runes are runes.


I understood what they meant. Its a shame you didn’t.

Chimera Shot is not a main spell. It’s a rune.
You can’t compensate a nerf from one skill by buffing one that is in the same slot.
This is just an overall nerf for the most part. BM will still probably out preform Chimera shot other then turtle boss cause armor.

The only place this is any kind of “compensation” is PvP. Hell I already played around with Chimera shot as survival for the utility of a disarm. Now I get to see people whining about my pet still doing “too much damage” and me critting for 350-400 and disarming them.

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You think you do but ya dont - bliz
Terrible wording, its basically the kind of stuff corporations say, to say something that means nothing.

We get it we are just making fun of the poor wording.

I was saying it as a joke cause how the worded it.



Lol little late to the joke.

Oh sorry I thought it was real lmao

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Blizzard nerfed BM and buffed Chimera Shot by 15%. Explosive Shot by 25%. These buffs are basically nothing, so both of those runes are still a huge - HUGE - DPS loss in comparison to BM, and they’re both also on gloves. They’re pointless.

If they want people to stop using BM they have to revert the launch day Chimera / Explosive nerfs entirely. They were never broken to begin with. Nerfing something by 90% on day 1 then buffing it by 15% a month later is stupidity personified.


The hunter portion of the nerfs didn’t go live until about roughly an hour and a half ago. The priest nerfs went live hours before the hunters ones did.

Ya that was actually really funny wording when you take into account the buff to Chimera shot was like a 3DPS increase even for geared/buffed Hunters. Arcane Shot/Serpent Sting scaling would be cool but so far they aren’t really changing any core vanilla mechanic (except pet scaling change), just trying to purely balance the game from Runes.

I was playing a 23 warrior and got jumped by a 25 hunter and his wind serpent was only blasting me for 50-100 health. It was rather pathetic.

Sounds like a MM Hunter, that’s about what mine is doing now that I’m trying out MM. With BM rune and talents that was more like 160-150 on characters for me.