Hunter nerf didnt effect wind serpent

Lightning breath still dealing the exact same damage as before patch…

Ok the changes took a few hours longer than the tooltip changes which is weird… wind serpents are indeed nerfed now, mine hitting for 170 pre nerf to 128 now.

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The nerf isn’t in yet - I believe it will be deployed tomorrow.

no its deployed now, my penance is healing slightly less.

Its 10% less i said this yesterday yall wont even notice it lmfao.

Get WIN Serpent!

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Mine deals ~10% reduced damage now, hp is lower and focus regen took a hit. Yeha it’s live.

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wait the nerfs are live?

The wind serpent is still way too strong. They need to reduce the damage to 10%. Maybe even 5% just so it encourages hunters to use other runes.

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They compensated us by changing our main hunter spells(not runes).

Mana cost of Chimera Shot, Explosive Shot, Carve, Kill Command, and Flanking Strike reduced by 50%. Those are runes arcane shot serpent sting aimed shot raptor strike all cost the same.

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Fine print they wrote under BM rune change says they compensated us with hunter main spells. We were lied to!!!

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the duality of man. One thread calling for all hunters to unsub because they can’t stand the nerfs… and other where they doesn’t even realize the latest nerf went live.

I can see why blizzard doesn’t read these forums


So where are the changes to “core” skills? The damage is the same the cost is the same. so what was changed? Ye we got lies to… they only changed the runes and mutually exclusive ones well cept flanking. so there was no compensation… i think its funny now.


Nope no changes to them. Which is why their note was entirely unnecessary.

Hunters gettin memed on hard. Some think its actually a buff some how lol…

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The other Glove runes are so bad that even if it provided 0% damage boost, it would still be better than Chimera Shot, Explosive Shot, and Carve.


I hope you are trolling cause they didn’t give us anything lol

Yeah because this was mostly a PvE nerf. The only part of the nerf was 10% less health and damage for pets and a little less focus regeneration. So now instead being hit for 300 a lightning breath your going to be hit for 270 LOL.

Wind serpent should have been nerfed not hunter.

They wrote that they are basically gonna target the BM rune and compensate us via hunter main spells which didn’t happen.

They never said that. They actually said they would never change any of the skills that weren’t a rune because it would also change Classic Era. You just misread. They said they were changing the other hunter runes like Chimera Shot.

They would be very upset if they could read.