Hunter Auto-shot Delay

That’s normal, and not what we’re talking about.


What I was looking for exactly. I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. Thought my pc was breaking lol.

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Please fix!

Yes happens for sure.

Please fix this, it makes using feign death feel awful, and the only way i’ve made it feel better is to use it right before aimed shotting

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Mic check 1 2 1 2

QFT Lets just release more content instead of fixing bugs. These bugs should of been fixed before PvP was released. Very sad.

feign death auto shot delay por favor

IMO fixed while the game was in BETA.

This is not just a hunter bug. When you FD your auto shot and your auto attack gets put on cooldown. Try to FD then immediately raptor strike. You cannot do it because your auto attack has been placed on cooldown.

This bug also exists with tauren war stomp, I think buff scrolls also trigger the cooldown, and probably a couple dozen other things effecting all classes. Perhaps it is the most noticeable on a hunter, since we FD to bring agro back to the pet, and then your auto shot won’t fire. Its so prevalent that I weave my fd into my rotation. Auto shot, then FD, and the pushback is less extreme.

Definitely a bug, and in PvP it renders your raptor strike almost useless. A bread and butter combo from a hunter is to FD, pop up with a raptor strike. Cannot be done. Now you FD, wing clip, cannot raptor strike, and you’re out of range before raptor strike is available.


KeK no I don’t think so. Auto shot still delayed after FD.

Stutter step also does not feel right at all. Noticed the other day that druid roots don’t appear to have a DR… Maybe I was pressed for time to get back to range, but something sure felt off there…

In general I am finding my Raptor strikes failing to execute FD or no FD the wingclip will go off and unless I stop moving for a bit right on the mob Raptor will not go off.

From memory this wasn’t the case in vanilla. You could basically pop in hit both and pop out, it just feels like you need to stand there for so long.

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It’s running in a different engine and… spell batching apparently is designed never to drop anything from the queue even if it should be dropped…you know, like an interrupted attack of some sort.


More and more it is evident the port is the problem. I wish Blizz would release a reference client server using the old engine. I’ll bet 99% of these problems would disappear, leaving us only with the actual original bugs and malfunctions in Vanilla.

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Please address por favor

Annnnd still crickets. Still having the auto shot issue, Blizz

Forget it m8. It’s not getting fixed.

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I never really understood why auto-attack/shot is even a thing. Couldn’t Blizz come up with some attacks on classes where you had to click buttons to activate.

This is not a bug.

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