Hunter Auto-shot Delay

When I auto-shot after I come out of Feign Death or after Skinning there is 2-3 second delay before it begins firing.
This has been happening every single time.


I have noticed the same issue.


Yes hunters have a ton of bugs.
Just switching between raptor strike and autoshot can break autoshot.
Using a two hander, well you hit the mob with your quiver.
Want to feign death? Well sometimes it will do literally nothing and go on cool down.
Want your pet to attack that mob over on the other side of the bridge? Well your pet doesn’t know how to run over bridges.
Send your pet to attack a moving target, it will zigzag all over the place while the mob runs in a straight line.
ect, ect, and no word or patches from blizzard.


There is a timer that checks if you are still moving every half-second or so…

So your auto-shot doesn’t begin until that timer is triggered

Also, Any weapon (bow/gun) that procs a chance to hit any type of dmg also stalls the auto shot (BY A LOT 2 to 5 sec.) Basically getting any wep that procs any type of extra dmg just isnt worth using. losing 1 to 3 auto shot procs compared to hitting an extra 12 to 50 dmg.
Maybe its intended idk.
Wont let me link sites: Example wep name is "verdants keeper’s aim ".

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Add it to the list of hunter bugs. Not like anyone cares though.


Ok, I read through hunter bug reports and did not see what I had stated up top. So, bug report is in. If I receive a reply Ill re post it here. Enjoy.

They are too busy working on the next expansion: World of Warcraft, Wrath of the dying retail population


Never played Hunter before now, but I always have to reactivate auto shot after going into melee range, is this not supposed to be the case?

That’s normal, and not what we’re talking about.


What I was looking for exactly. I’m glad I’m not the only one experiencing this. Thought my pc was breaking lol.

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Please fix!

Yes happens for sure.

Please fix this, it makes using feign death feel awful, and the only way i’ve made it feel better is to use it right before aimed shotting

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Mic check 1 2 1 2

QFT Lets just release more content instead of fixing bugs. These bugs should of been fixed before PvP was released. Very sad.

feign death auto shot delay por favor

IMO fixed while the game was in BETA.

This is not just a hunter bug. When you FD your auto shot and your auto attack gets put on cooldown. Try to FD then immediately raptor strike. You cannot do it because your auto attack has been placed on cooldown.

This bug also exists with tauren war stomp, I think buff scrolls also trigger the cooldown, and probably a couple dozen other things effecting all classes. Perhaps it is the most noticeable on a hunter, since we FD to bring agro back to the pet, and then your auto shot won’t fire. Its so prevalent that I weave my fd into my rotation. Auto shot, then FD, and the pushback is less extreme.

Definitely a bug, and in PvP it renders your raptor strike almost useless. A bread and butter combo from a hunter is to FD, pop up with a raptor strike. Cannot be done. Now you FD, wing clip, cannot raptor strike, and you’re out of range before raptor strike is available.


KeK no I don’t think so. Auto shot still delayed after FD.