Human heritage armor needs to be redesigned

:person_shrugging: I love the human set. Might even finish leveling my alliance monk.

Because the design is absolutely terrible. it should also look nice, not a abomination of a guards outfit that didn’t make the cut for them.

Well, what can I say? Not everyone wants to be a long-eared vegetarian, or a bi-pedal space goat.

As for the topic of the armor, the photo and the pose of the female model makes it look incredibly weird, I hope we get a 3d model on wowhead soon so we can get a better look at it.

It’s so bad and just a lazy concept now that it’s been done a thousand times.


Blizzard sort of peaked with Dread Gladiators Plate set with the Alliance theme, the Arathi Warfront look. Not sure they can top that. Imo its the best plate they’ve done so far.

Dreanei looking good in it.

It doesn’t look exactly like it at all lol. The bfa elite gladiator looks more like the cinematic just modernized. The only thing that’s similar to the cinematic is the helm, which the bfa has as well

Huh, you know now that I look at it. Sort of feels like a Stormwind guard that decided to quit and go into mercenary work. Adapting the armor to it.

Kind of reminded me of this now that I think about it.


. . . I look at the human heritage armor and I think “What if Varian Wrynn was a Stormwind Guard” . . . it’s not the WORST set in history and it DOES seem to break the “based on a hero or basic unit from WC3” mold (the orc one is giving me vibes of the orc on the orc campaign screen) but yea, its no dwarven heritage armor.

edit: Think the human set coulda used some fur . . . maybe on the belt or the shoulders . . . hrm . . .

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I like the armors. That orc helm can probably get mixed and matched into some really creative and cool looking transmogs


I don’t know what to tell you.

Even the Orc and Human statues that they gave out at the last Blizzcon looks EXACTLY like it! ROFLMAO!!

I have them. It’s on my desk. I’m lookin RIGHT AT IT.

It’s the same thing.

Whether you LIKE IT or not is entirely subjective but… it’s the SAME armor.

The human statues aren’t wearing leather tunics and pants lols

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They aren’t wearing pants?!!!

Time to party!

Your reading comprehension is very interesting

The human set is ok I guess. Not as good as the arathi warfornt set of course but it’s passable. That orc set on the other hand is garbage.

So you DIDN’T say “they aren’t wearing pants”?


Sounds to me like Candle came in with damage control, and the “variations” they can’t show us now don’t exist yet, they’re going back to the drawing board from today’s lackluster response.


The pants is added with the and, implying leather pants as well as tunics. Although I’m starting to see you might have a mental disability.

Yup most likely the case.

When they don’t have an argument … they insult. gg

The “mental disability” you cite, is your lack of ability to see I made a plain, simple joke on my way out… because I REALLY DON’T CARE.

Enjoy yelling into the wind because it’s not like this armor model is going to change. Either like it as much as you can or … keep insulting me if it makes you feel better.