Human heritage armor needs to be redesigned

Warfront alliance armor is a thousands times better. What is this mismatched set of designs? The orcs is also extremely generic but matches way better with everything clicking.


Oh wow, that’s really disappointing haha I’ve been waiting for a human heritage armor set… but this could just be passed off as any random plate set. Definitely quite a few steps down from what the worgen and Kul Tiran’s got.


Well, you’re not wrong. It’s kinda sheet. Lol


I think what really makes the human heritage armor look bad are those floating shin guards. They’re…gaudy, and that’s being nice. They just look completely out of place. Replacing even just that one element of the armor ensemble would go a long way toward making it more appealing.

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I can understand why the shin guards are like that. You’d have trouble moving your feet with that curved part that goes over your foot possibly getting in the way if its too close.

If they just scootch it down a smidge then sall good.

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A boring set for a boring race seems appropriate.


It just looks like varians armor. I don’t get why people are sayin its boring.

Meh, just a me thing I guess


Well, there’s the shin guards and I suppose that helm. I mean…well, remember the vanilla Paladin Cylon set? Yeah, that helm looks like the BSG 2k4 version.

What I wouldn’t give for a Heritage Armorkini.

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I think there’s a metal platekini top coming to the traders post. It kinda matches too

It looks so bad.



That could be part of the problem. Its not that its bad per se; its not that interesting to me. Maybe that’s my subconscious going:

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But its not. Google Varian Wrynn armor. He’s looks different, it shares a few similarities, but not all. And Varian wrynn was designed for his armor specifically, not players. We got a cheap wishdotcom knock off cosplay version.


There was a blue post that said this is only one set from a series that will be released. I hope that means there will be non-plate looking designs. When I think “heritage” I think of “traditional dress”. These just look like city guards.

Knowing the devs nowadays, its just gonna be minor modifications or recolors like maghar orcs.


I feel they should make the armor to be more similar to Varian’s outfit. If they was already going to use his shoulder concept why not just use the amazing set Varian already had? It’s a 9/10 compare to this 4/10 set


Blizz may have listened to players concerns:

So keep those fingers crossed.


Yikes, me no like

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No it doesn’t it’s perfectly fine and suits Humans perfectly being boring and unoriginal just like them :dracthyr_a1:

Slightly off topic but…I wish they would revamp and update the gold rbg set for humans…that’s be doooope


It’s EXACTLY the same armor from the WC3 opening cinematic.

I don’t see how Alliance players are complaining about this. When it comes to “heritage”, it’s DIRECTLY an outfit from canon.