[H][Tichondrius]<Handsome> Currently 10/10H Recruiting

Grown-ups playing a game they used to be good at. We raid Monday and Wednesday 630-930pm server(Pacific time). We are 10/10 normal and 9/10 heroic.

1 Mage
Any other dps but preferably ranged

We have been focusing AOTC and mythic+ keys. Most of us have been raiding on and off together since vanilla. We’re trying to build on our core and get our roster to a point we can start running doing mythic bosses. Expectation is you come prepared, know fights, and have fun.

Message Garen#1967, Astro#3984, Obad#8822, or Igy#1769 on discord or GarenS#5314, Astro#12201, Obad#1664 or Igy#6557 on bnet for more details.

Still looking.

Hi Igey, you replied to my post on guild recruitment and I’d like to talk more about your guild. I received an error adding some of the IDs you listed here so add me on bnet: Nystic#1921 or discord: Nystic#1566 to talk more.

Sorry for the delay, just saw your response. I’ve added you on discord.

Still looking