[H][Thrall] Malediction - 10/10N 10/10H SoD LFM T/Th 11-1 EST

Still searching for another int buff!

Up to the top!

Raid tonight!

Need a mage!!! Where they be at?

Our resto shaman is bouncing, need a new one to fill the core healing team! Also need a mage…

Still searching for some blue name plates

hit me up! Looking for people to push higher keys with!

Discord - Warfreak#9741

top 20 Veng DH for thrall

Still looking for more!

Up to the top!

Still looking for a mage! Also 6/10 as of last night!

7/10 this week, still looking for a mage!

Opened recruitment to a bit more classes, would love to get a mage, though!

Still searching for some more people!

Could use some more ranged, as always!

9/10 as of tonight, still searching!

Want to fill up the roster now that we’re 9/10 for potential tries at mythic bosses!

Still a few spots open!

Would love to get a few more ranged dps on the team! Should be downing Sylv here soon.

Sylvanas is going to die really soon! looking for some long term players to join the team

Raid tonight, let’s get that AOTC!