[H][Thrall] Malediction - 10/10N 10/10H SoD LFM T/Th 11-1 EST

Our team is up to 14 solid members! Just need some more ranged to round us out

Raiding soon, get in on it!

Cleared 10/10 H last night and got someone else KSM. Come join us!

We’re still looking for a few more ranged dps!

Raid tonight!

Got a few more people AOTC last night, still looking for more people!

Updated our recruitment needs!

Pew pew raid tonight!

10/10H in one night, our team is rockin! Still need some dps

Ready for 9.1! Let’s get some more people in here

Looking to fill those last few spots for 9.1

Hey Adairria, I sent you a friend request on discord (iamdachampion). would love to ask some more question on the guild and stuff.

Still searching for new people to join!

Patch is just a couple days away with the new raid dropping in under two weeks. Would love to get a mage in the group!

Has to be a mage unicorn somewhere out there

Just need a couple more people and we’re all set for 9.1! Come join a guild that’s fully fledged and ready to go.

Mage mage mage.

New raid launches today! Could still use a body or two, check the post!

Would love to get a holy pally in the group! Also looking for a mage or a hunter.

I’m definitely interested, not sure what your requirements are