[H][Thrall] Malediction - 10/10N 10/10H SoD LFM T/Th 11-1 EST

We are a group of highly experienced players who in past expansions had their guilds fall apart after achieving AoTC . We have all been around for a long time and decided just to take matters into our own hands with our own guild back in mid 9.0. This way we can ensure the guild remains active, works well together, and continues to crush content even when we are in-between patches. Our biggest goals are to achieve AoTC, achieve KSM each patch, remain active throughout all content or lack there-of, and just have fun doing it.

We raid from 11 pm EST to 1 am EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our current roster is floating around 15 members with a few that aren’t guaranteed attendance. We are looking for just a few more members to round out our team.

Our current raid needs are as follows:

High Need:
1 WW monk
1 shadow priest
1 dps to swap to heals when we have absences or for larger raid sizes

Low Need:
1 dps warrior
1 mage
1 moonkin
1 dps DK
1 ele shaman

Any other exceptional DPS may also inquire.

We are also accepting any roles for keys and socializing.

Our group has been together since the start of 9.0, with all of us having played for many years previously. We achieved AoTC early on this year in CN and achieved KSM in season 1 for all interested members. Our roster never made it to the right numbers to achieve mythic kills in CN, but if we have the roster to do it mythic is something we’re interested in. We’ve achieved KSM for many members already in season 2, with 20s being our goal.

Raid Specifics:

Consumables are required. We try as a guild to farm materials to be able to provide feasts and flasks, but if we are short on mats raiders are expected to provide their own.

Logging on for more than just raids is required. We are asking our raiders to run m+ to fill their vault, keep up to date with all systems such as renown and covenant campaigns, and to all around be present for more than our 4 hours of raid time a week. We obviously won’t be monitoring this or counting hours or anything as insane as that, but if you only log on for raid and then disappear the rest of the week you won’t be a good fit for our team.

Discord is the platform we use for coms. Having a working headset with mic are required. We usually prefer to leave our channels on PTT, but we need raiders to have the ability to communicate and call out mechanics when asked.

If you’re online a lot, always show up to raid, know your stuff, and pump crazy damage, you should be a good fit for us. We’re always active, hit us up!

Battenet - Adairia#1386
Discord - Adairia#5404
In-game - Adairia


Still looking for more people!


great group, willing to help new and returning players!

Still searching for some new people!

Raid night is coming up here on reset day, would love some new people to hop in and get to know the team!

Where the dps and healers at?

Raid night tomorrow, could use some new faces

Still looking for DPS?? I had to get off of WoW for 2 weeks, but now that i’m back, my guild disabanded. I’m an Enhancement Shaman ilvl 219, looking foward to raid and M+ content.

Hey Salforis, yes we are still looking for DPS. We have a raid going tonight at our usual time, want to come along and see how we do? Feel free to add me on btag and I can chat with you about an hour before raid.

Still looking for some more dps

Hey Adairia, sorry for the late answer, i had few family outgoings. I’ll add you on bnet, its Style#1170. Thank you very much.

Raid tonight!

Looking for some ranged DPS to join our group! Have a few spots open for trialing with our raid tonight, hit us up if you’re looking for a permanent home.

Where the ranged at?

Still looking for more ranged dps!

Calling all ranged, let’s get you in our group!

Raid tomorrow, could still use a couple more ranged

Still looking for a few more ranged dps!

Raid tonight, let’s get it!