[H]<The Heat>Illidan–US, WED/THU/MON,9-11PM, 5/10M CN,LF ALL

The Heat is a guild founded on the idea of more casual hours for raiding while building up the overall skill of everyone to getting cutting edge every raid tier while having fun. The GM/Raid leader has experience of being US top 100 in BFA. We are currently looking to fill out our roster in preparation for patch 9.1.

If you’re hungry for faster progress and a friendly environment this is the place for you. If you’re looking for shorter raid nights and a more relaxed raid environment where we get things done you may have just found your new home.

We are currently in need of classes below, but all specs are welcome to apply, and we will have a raid spot for the better player.

Windwalker Monk

Balance Druid

Disc/Holy Priest (meaning you can or are willing to learn and play both)

We raid from 9-11pm central Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday

Please add B-TAG Lucialyn#1719 or Ham#1184 or if you’re interested and we will get together as soon as possible.

I like that Az ROFL

Alright, listen here all you greenhorns. Did you have big dreams of doing something with your life? Finding that perfect date? Owning a beachside estate? That new Tesla you’ve been eyeing? Well, let me let you in on the secret formula. The majestic nectar of the ages to make all those dreams come true. It starts with a dream, a dream that turns into an idea, an idea that turns into a motivation. And taking that motivation and doing something you didn’t imagine possible. That’s right. CUTTING EDGE. Make those dreams a reality and join The Heat!

So we sittin in the discord, and decided to spit on this board
Yea give me a beat, we live in The Heat, time to get you off the street, these rhymes will make you take a seat.
We’ve got a few empty, need a few healers and DPS a plenty
Let me get some pros, for this prose, while I propose a guild that is quite skilled and full of thrills where you’ll be fulfilled
Men and Women alike, we laid back, nothing to dislike, no this no 3rd Reich
Yah we got diversity, we want to know you personally, killin bosses fervently
So maybe you can learn a thing as I churn these bars I sing
Teachin the youngins about Cutting Edge, Reachin and runnin we jumping for the ledge, just to get ahead, we comin for that bread
The question is will you be there? I’ve made you aware that this is no daycare, we’ll take you to the promised land, you’ll stand an astonished man, in the heartland of screenshots and waving hands

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