Returning player for 9.1 LF guild

Hi there and thanks for stopping by. As title says returning player been on and off for a while but wanting to take wow more seriously now that covid restrictions are easing and my job is starting to finally slow down again.

As for a little about myself, I am 27 years old have raided hardcore in the past and would like to eventually get back to pushing CE but of course understand just returning is a long haul from that dream.

I mostly play healers. I’ve mained every healer at some point in time during CE progression and feel that I can jump into any healer and be competent at it. Currently I have a resto druid, Holy priest, and MW monk maxed with a Rshaman sitting at 57. I am pretty open to playing any of those 4 but I am more leaning towards the Hpriest or Rdruid!

Server and faction don’t matter to me however, I can’t raid SUPER late so no 2 am guilds please XD.

Leave spam below and i’ll be sure to reach back thanks!

Hey Tyeli! We could use a monk healer :slight_smile:

Optimal baddies is a rebuilt guild founded by long time gamers who enjoy playing the game with friends while also pushing content at a reasonable pace. A lot of the members of Optimal Baddies are players who have pushed content to the point of being deemed cutting edge and are now looking for a relaxed environment where we can put our feet up and kill bosses.

Server - Area 52
Faction - Horde

Raid Times/Days: 8:00 - 10:00 PM EST Monday/Tuesday Mythic Prog,
8:00-10:00 Saturday Heroic/Normal clear
Current Progression: 3/10M 10/10H
Recruitment Contacts: Discord - Goldfish#7851, ninjaXpope#0788, megaFly06#6053 - Goldfish#1198, Ninjaspace#1577, Megafly#11904

What will be required of players looking to progress with Optimal Baddies?

Research on both the fights and your class and keep up with all out of raid stuff to maintain relevancy.
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) or Bigwigs
Exorsus Raid Tools (ERT)
Preferably AOTC Experience but will consider all applicants
A good Attitude
A great Sense of Humor
Constructive Criticism

And of course just like any organized group a solid attendance!

Hi Tyeli!

Sever Reality on Bleeding Hollow is currently recruiting healers as we continue to progress through Mythic CN. We’re 3/10M but hoping to get much further and with goals of CE when 9.1 drops. You can see more information about us at this link: [H] <Sever Reality> 10/10H, 3/10M, M/TH 9-12PM EST

Para Mortem on Thrall is looking for strong raiders and M+ players to join our raid team. 6/10M looking to push with your help.

We Raid Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-10:30 EST

Additional Alt/Heroic Clear Sunday 7:30-10:30 EST

We consider all applicants/class/roles so please feel free to apply.

Feel free to reach out to me,

Bnet: Theonecake#1277, Discord: theonecake#4449

Hey Tyeli! We’re an AOTC guild aiming for Mythic progression in 9.1, we’d love another healer! We raid Tue/Wed 8:30-11pm Pacific. You can find out more here:

Hi there Tyeli,

I am Hueston, the GM of Asterisk. We just reformed our roster in January and started Heroic progression then. We are now 6/10Mythic our first tier together with this team and are aiming to fine tune and work towards our goal of being able to obtain Cutting Edge every tier on our two-day raiding schedule. I’d love to be able to connect with you soon, here is my B-tag: Hueston#11459

If you’d like more info about us, please visit “asteriskguild .com” (remove the space before the period). Thank you for your time.



I’d love to chat with you on discord, we’re looking to add another healer to our team, and a priest would be perfect!
We’re 2/10M trying to get as far as we can!

Add me at Letholas#9581

Talk soon

We are an active and friendly guild that is willing to help new and old players alike. We foster a positive and drama free atmosphere and have low tolerance for anything else. Many of our players have been around since Vanilla and are willing to help with all aspects of the game.

If this sounds like something you would like to try contact;

Sylvysa in game

Hey there, I run a guild on Illidan that has room for a healer. We raid Sundays/Mondays

Hit me up on Discord if you’re interested: YaBoiBangz#9359

check out…

Hey Tyeli,

Bitter End is a new guild on Tichondrius Horde. We recently moved from alliance on Emerald Dream and were 10/10H, 2/10M. We have moved to Tichondrius in search of a larger pool of talented players to achieve our goal of CE raiding.

We are looking to develop a new raid team for the remainder of this tier and to go into next tier strong! We are currently looking for most classes/specs and all roles.

Raid times are Tuesday & Thursday 8:30-11:30 EST.

If interested or if you would like to know more, please contact me via Discord: Krovek#8612

Also, our guild application is:

Hello There! The [A] [Shanghai Zen Masters] [Stormrage US] is currently recruiting for Mythic Raid progression in 9.0 and 9.1 H>M raid prog!

We are a Semi-Hardcore guild that focuses on progging AOTC first and foremost for every tier, and then pushing Mythic at a nice steady pace. Besides raiding queue daily for pvp, M+, or transmog runs. We are an active community of players who just generally love playing together, with an active discord and awesome officers.

Progress: 10/10 N, 10/10 H (AOTC) Castle Nathria

Schedule: Monday and Wednesday 8pm - 10pm Est (Server Time)

Recruitment: Looking mainly for all RDPS and MDPS. Players who are flexible in changing specs from DPS to HEAL or TANK get extra points!

We are looking for players with a good attitude that are interested in joining our tight-knit community of raiders. You’re only expected to have good attendance for raid nights, be prepared for raid, and be able to accept constructive criticism when given.

Apply Here:

Any questions feel free to contact the GM or RO
You can contact our recruitment officer via:
B-tag: Smoothbrain#11992 Discord: Smøøthßrain#9409

You can contact our GM via:
B-tag: TrickyTree #1397 Discord: D-Matt#8870(edited)

Hi There Tyeli,

Guild name is Obvious Immortalis Plug. We are Alliance on Stormrage, AOTC focused and love doing keys!

Raid times are Fri/Sat 9PM EST until 11ish.

We are a laid back group, fairly newly formed by a core that came from Horde after getting AOTC and a couple of mythic bosses, we wanted to setup a group of folk who raid heroic every tier, have a couple of KSM groups and most of all have a good laugh playing the game together.

If you’re interested or have any questions my bnet is yabigchoob#1206


Hey would love to chat sometime you around this friday?

Hi tyeli, faded gods in an aotc guild and are looking to expand our roaster for the up coming tier. Our raid times are Saturday and Sunday 9-11 est. Many of us also run M+ through out the week as well and are always willing to help fellow guildies out. Feel free to message me on bnet if you’re at all curious. Bnet: zole#11213

Hiya! I run a guild of friendly, social players who enjoy the game and one another’s company. We have a few returnees in our rank. I would love to chat with you! TheLibrarian#11426

Add me ! Cadillac#1275


Dusk Eternal is most likely a good fit for you and we are looking to expand our healing roster! We are an AotC guild and are prepping for Heroic and Mythic in 9.1

We run a relaxed ship that has a damn good time while getting bosses to 0%

Reach out to me via discord if youre interested. bluu#7164

We are recruiting for 9.1

Second Attempt is a 6/10M , semi-hardcore, CE minded raiding guild comprised of many former/returning top US 100 raiders located on the Tichondrius server

Currently looking for mechanically sound, punctual pumpers to join our team and assist in the hunt for CE for 9.1 and beyond. If you are looking for an active, relaxed environment with people who push high M+ keys, PVP and gear alts in our spare time this is the place for you!

Raid times:
Tuesday & Thursday 6pm - 9pm PST

Contact for apps/questions:
Discord -
Wong- Wong#9313
Feet- Feetpics#5541
Tahk- Tahk#2844

Hi Tyeli,

Guid: Dark Gestures
Realm: Thrall (H)
Recruitment contacts: BNet Devonair#1975 Discord: Jenn#5528

We are an AOTC focused guild looking to broaden out our raiding roster. We are currently 10/10h. In 9.1 we will once again have a focus on reaching AOTC and are looking to build a mythic roster that will continue to progress on content while maintaining our casual but competitive vibe. Outside of raids we also have groups running mythic + dungeons, some pvp and transmog runs.

9.1 Raid Schedule:
Friday/Saturday 8-11pm est with an optional alt fun run Wednesdays at 7pm est

Raid needs:
Currently recruiting for all roles. Main tank spots are taken but on occasion we do need to fill that role if one is away.

Raiding requirements:
Come to raid prepared. We will provide feasts/cauldrons.
Be aware of boss fights/mechanics. While we will learn the finer details as a group and are willing to help new members catch up on new fights, we ask that you have a general idea of what to expect.
Have a headset and working microphone. While you will not be expected to be a social butterfly there are points in raid where communication is required.
Regularly attend raids.
Be able to mesh with existing group. We are serious when it comes to boss pulls but expect lots of laughter and jokes during trash and between pulls. Have the ability to take a joke.
Our mythic roster will have ilvl/dps/class requirements.

Social members are always welcome.

Guild Culture:
We are an active and friendly guild who focus on progressing through content while maintaining a fun and lighthearted atmosphere. We are a 18+ guild and no drama will be tolerated. We provide an active discord full of players willing to help old and new members alike. If you ever need help with something be it gearing/rotation/mechanics someone will always be willing to lend a helping hand.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of please reach out to me and we can talk further.