[H]Ravencrest Casual Guild LFM

Looking to make a guild on Ravencrest. I work a full time job like most so I’m looking to make a small, family friendly, casual guild for like minded people. I want it to be a place to relax while you game and enjoy some good company.

5 man dungeons, old raids, maybe if we get enough people who want to hit up some casual raiding.

If it sounds like something you would be interested in message me in game Phoenixlite.

i would like to join up, i would have to start over but i dont mind.


If you would be down to swing Alliance, we have a pretty decent guild setup and are willing to take folks on. We are based on uldaman/ravencrest and largely clear heroic raid and some of mythic once it opens cross realm. Recruiting everything at the moment with a roster of around 17-20 already. We raid M/Th 9pm-11:30p/midnight CST (server time). Would be glad to talk to you if interested. Check out our info here:

Still looking for members if anyone is interested