[A] Nexus - Two (2) Day Raid - M/Th 9pm-midnight CST AOTC Guild Recruiting for Shadowlands

Welcome to Nexus, the only guild you need to have a blast raiding end game content on a casual schedule on the connected Uldaman/Ravencrest servers! We are a semi-casual raid guild focused on Mythic Plus dungeons, guild Heroic raids and pick up group Mythic raids (when cross realm is available). Our guild has been raiding heroic content with some sprinkles of mythic raids for greater than ten years with several raiders who once were top 100 raiders. We collaborate and have a great time across all wow content; raiding, keys and pvp!

Our raid schedule is Mondays and Thursdays 9pm to 12am CST (server time) . We also do an optional alt normal/heroic runs on Wednesdays 9pm to 12am CST (or organized Mythic Plus runs depending on turn out). We offer the opportunity to socialize with like minded gamers, push heroic content to completion and gear up without the hardcore mythic progression.

We are currently recruiting all classes for Shadowlands and interested to talking to individuals or former guilds returning looking for a new home.

  • You can visit us on discord and apply at http://thenexusguild.com
  • Or reach out to Darkrook (bnet: Darkrook#1631 or discord: Darkrook#4887) and or Sanisa (bnet: Sunflower#11181 or discord: sunflower#3722) for more info

Don’t go in it alone or start from scratch recruiting, come join us for fun in Shadowlands!

We are still looking for a few more additions to the raid team. Check us out on discord or message Sanisa/Darkrook for more information!

We are currently recruiting for a Main Spec Tank and another healer willing to swing DPS. We would also consider addition ranged DPS interested in joining our ranks. Hit us up on discord or message myself or Sanisa for more info!