Hpally lf casual raiding guild (A)

Hpally looking for raiding guild. Wanting to transfer servers and find a fun group to run with. Good vibes > raid clears

Currently 219 ilvl and 9/10h. I also really enjoy doing keys at any level

I wouldn’t mind getting AOTC but its not super important . My primary concern is at least clearing normal mode before the next tier

You can reply here or message me in game

Hello Paudson, is looking for additional players as we start to work on Mythic progression.

Your mindset seems like a good fit for our group. Surion#11369 - here’s my battle.net if you’d like to hear more!

Let’s chat.

Discord: Shade_PWS#9836
BNet: okayitsliz#1616

Hey, you should check us out! We might be a perfect fit!

Still looking??

I am currently doing a trial run with a team, but if it does not work out I will for sure hit you guys up

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Sweet! Please add me redgardless!

fiikfiic#1815 (bnet and that’s four i’s)

Valiant Exiles is looking for 3rd healer to cinch up out healing core. We raid Fri and Sat 7-10 CST. Jash0385#1850 is my Btag. Would love to talk to ya!!