How's Beta AV?


Has anyone considered that maybe they’re doing this AV beta test for feedback just like this? It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they made changes to AV based off community reaction. It isn’t coming out with release after all.


This could be very likely.

Which is why both sides need to be heard. If it is to be driven by community reaction, which I hope to some extent it is but not entirely.

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Calling others posting less than you noisy vocal minority was not enough but now you call yourself “they”. Its becoming more interesting with every post :slight_smile:

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Are you for real? Did you simply ignore my posts from the past couple of years, or are you simply very bad at reading comprehension and understanding context?

Show of hands: How many people reading my posts got the impression that I did not like AV and that I wanted quick BGs so I could rush to R14?


The thing about Classic AV is that you can get rep rewards from killing players and doing objectives.

The rep rewards are pretty powerful in many cases and can be your BiS until you start raiding.

So, although AV is fun unto itself, it IS part of the progression. And I believe you get good EXP too from some of the turn-in quests, if you’re still leveling to 60.

AV is good all around for entry-level end-game prep.

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Perhaps you should drink a few more pots and then review my posting history and thread creations.
Here, let me provide some assistance:


Missing the point again I see young alt toon.

You are not the noisy vocal minority because of your post count, but because of the demanding that the world bend to your will.

You have not read all of my discussions.

This group has been on these forums since day one. They try to change the shape of the game because they are inpatient children.

Blizzard also understands this group and has spoken to the thousands of those who do not come on here to speak. The actually player base.

We are all the player base. But your post count does not put you in that group. Its your behavior and demands that you and you alone hold the keys to why this and that should be implemented and if anyone dares think different that you then bring on the flame.


I do wish you would join me on discord man. Your brain fascinates me in how you bob ans weave and . . I just dont get you.

Any time you want to talk without hiding let me know.

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Unfortunately it is a horrible indicator as to how the game will play out when live. They skewed the experience via only L58s with wonky gear, no epic mounts, and winning an AV rewards zilch. There is zero incentive to complete the beta AV matches.

This is not even remotely an accurate representation of what it will be in game.
(which is likely intentional on blizzard’s part, to make it appear that it will not be steamrolled)


The tinfoil is strong with this one.


Blizzard can see your tiny text ya know. :slight_smile:

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The Wrath Baby ignorance is strong with this one.

You don't say


And now we observe as the wild bull resorts to ad hominem attacks.

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And now we see the lack of self awareness and irony of the wrath baby poster

With nothing of value or insight to add to a topic, they inject themselves into an ongoing conversation, and then acts like an injured party when they receive backlash for their trollish post.


And now we see the delusions of grandeur and elitist gatekeeping of the wild bull.

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You’ve added a lot of thought provoking information to the discussion. As usual.


No more than you usually do.

I’m just sick and tired of all the constant beating of the dead horse. You’re not getting 1.5 AV in a 1.12 environment, whether they have the data for it or not.

Get over it.


Do you know what happens when the Zerg wipes?

THAT’S when the real fun begins.

Get a snack cuz it’s gonna be a while…

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Sorry I am above average. I have the BiS range weapons in Level 30 cap WSG in Beta Classic. I tried both slow and fast weapons. I prefer the fast weapons in PvP. The damage I put on an opponent with slow weapon is negligible… Unlike during twink days in TBC and WoTLK where we could 1 shot or 2 shot kill noob clothies with BiS slow range weapons. Fast attack speed weapon is way way faster. Like if I see 3 rogues ganking our healer. Conc shot - Serpent Sting - Tab- Conc shot - Serpent Sting - Tab - Conc Shot - Serpent Sting those 3 rogues is way way quicker with fast weapon. BTW, my Conc Shot has 20% chance to stun. I let others eat those doomed rogues.

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That would be hilarious considering there is a jewel in each of your posts today: