How would you finish Tyrande's story arc?

What I would do is after Sylvanas is eventually killed off in Shadowlands, Tyrande has a Maive-in-Black-Temple moment and finds herself empty, with the burden of all those killed in Teldrassil still weighing heavily on her.

So what she does is she makes a deal with the Jailer (who obviously has all those Night Elf souls in the Maw), for exchange of her avatar-of-a-literal-Goddess soul for the souls of all (or a portion) of the Night Elven souls to be reborn. Because I have to imagine for the Jailer, the power of a soul that’s the avatar of a literal Goddess is worth quite a lot of regular old Night Elf souls.

e: as for her role in the Alliance, I honestly don’t know what to do with that, sorry.


She becomes the next Sylvanas, consumed by her anger/ hatred.

There must always be a moustache villain…



This would be so insanely disappointing and sad.

Therefore it’s most likely to happen.


So kill off Tyrande?

Thats your end for her?
Not a fan of that sorry but Blizzard will probably do it.

To be Alliance it to suffer so yey I guess.


No for one the jailer is evil we are gonna kill him too and how can give back what we already took( the goal of the whole xpac is to take back souls he has to weaken him enough to fight)

If I was gonna finish it tyrande would kill Sylvanas forgive the rest of the horde then in next xpac totally a old world update xpac she builds a Great Wall in ashenvale to keep the horde out


you either die redeemed, or live long enough to see yourself become the raid boss


Take this and shove it! So all the dead get bright back but the Night Elves lose their leader? This is ridiculous and I’m tried of hordies always advocating for Tyrande’s death. I was just mad enough to tell you where to go but chose to be more civil.


If that’s really the only way to rescue the night elf souls…
I have a feeling they are not going to keep a character as strong as Tyrande around for long anyway, and if she really has to die I’d be happy if it comes with the rescue of all the dead Night Elves instead of having her die to Nathanos or something. Atleast it would be a lot less embarrassing than having some Nathanos’ revenge plot in which he gets his revenge against Tyrande and kills her.

I find it disgusting too, but we have to consider where the writers stand and how they treat anything Night Elf related, so Tyrande dying but bringing back the dead is probably the more merciful outcome than what they actually planned for her…


“There must always be a Banshee Queen.”

In all seriousness, I would like for Tyrande to be pretty involved in freeing the maw victims from the Alliance version of things at least.


WhAt iF We jUsT kIlL TyRaNdE oFf???

Stay in your own lane, Horde.


She plays an important part in the defeat of Sylvanas/The Jailer, helps free the souls wrongly condemned to the Maw, calms down, and goes back to her husband and people to help them continue rebuilding their nation.


And let the Horde burn down Stormwind and kill the remaining few night elves, then let the Horde have Darkshore and Hyjal too.

Void Lords crash in and revive the Old Gods and we have a proper Old God Black Empire expansion that simultaneously ends the faction war for good because both factions will be reduced to small communities that have to live and work together to survive for the foreseeable future thus eliminating the blood haze that’s polluting both the in game factions and the silly players that buy into it.

That’s a proper ending for Tyrande’s story…and everyone else’s.

Or we could just skip all that and simply move on from the blood haze because no good and satisfying story ever comes out of that and we can leave that stuff to the RPPvPers and PvPers in general.

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I want some really cheesy epic fully rendered cinematic, where we get Tyrande and the spirits of the night elves in the maw fighting against sylvanas and the valkyr.


On top of a pile of money…with many beautiful ladies.


Mercy kill to free her from Blizzard’s writing.


I heard Ëlësåna had changed something about their character, but I didn’t know it was a faction change.

Oh, you race changed back. That was fast.


Tyrande catches up to Sylvanas, throws her to Arthas, frees ALL innocent souls to go to their respective covenants, ascends to be a goddess herself and makes Malfurion a god.


My desired ending: Tyrande kills or plays a big role in killing Sylvanas, then we free the Night Elf souls and Elune takes them to Ardenweald where they are going to be reborn.

Sadly every single part of that is very unlikely…


what if, (and bear with me here), we went the Katherine proudmoore route and had Tyrande understand Sylvanas and vice versa? I’m not necessarily promoting a full “Sylvanss redemption story” like most people, but what if as the raid boss or other major story character in Shadowlands Sylvanas in the midst of fighting us the Champions of Azeroth she looks across the battle field in Shadowlands and back in Azeroth and realizes she was wrong and accepts her fate? Have her killed last minute by either Genn or more accurately Tyrande but since she’s probably going to be in shadowlands anyways have her at least try and help put things right causing the Arbiter to sentence her to a long stay in Revendeth like Kael’thas for several expansions? by this point giving Sylvanas a role akin to Elisande’s “I was wrong for so long” one in legion would probably best suit the story while allowing Tyrande to kill off Sylvanas and keep her out of the picture for a while and resurrect the Night elves alongside most everyone else (everyone not already devoured by the jailer, which might be most anyone who died prior to legion, we have no clue at what rate the jailer has been “Feasting”).