How to parse

Since you guys follow any behavior on Warcraft logs here’s how I would run it.

Your parse is only locked in if you /highfive a healer in the first 30 seconds of the fight.

All raids without a 10 minute logged hydration and posture break are disqualified from parsing.

In order to be allowed to upload your raid onto Warcraft logs you must record and upload a 45 second acapella of a Bruno Mars song (per raid).

Finally all gnome parses are reduced by 5 points automatically

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Dear diary.

Found the gnome

That gnome is also a troll.


How can a gnome be a troll??

Please make it make sense.

Should have saved this for Sunday. :joy:

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i hate you

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Gnome =/= Troll.
Contradiction found.
Proof conplete.

Idk but I mentioned parsing which is basically a drinknblink summoning spell

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Did this post have a point?

You did see who made it right?

I bet the gnome found you… this specific one is always there even before you post your post …

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