How to instantly get into groups as a non AoE class/spec, no LFG spam


Each rank starts out at 2 per cast and you get another 2 per cast for each level up to 20. By the time you get over 10 you’re only a few levels away from another rank of it because they get the new rank every 10 levels and the water is already outclassed by vendor water once they’re 5 levels in.

When it takes around 4-20 casts just to make 2 stacks and each cast takes a chunk of mana and the group is already clearing, yeah, it’s a bit a selfish thing to do to get pissed at someone because you’re a lazy PoS who didn’t bring your own water and get mad that they didn’t give you more than 40 and want them to OOM in the middle of clearing so you can have even more.

Here’s a novel idea. If and when you run out of that 40 water… just say you need more? Like lmao dude get real.


While I admit spellcleave supremacy is annoying, a mage giving you two stacks of water is very generous especially if it’s high end water. I used to have the same mentality but it’s really on us as classes that don’t make our own to always have some on hand. It’s rude of us to be so entitled.

They bring plenty to the group in the form of AoE, decent damage and CC. They aren’t just vending machines and when they choose to be generous with the water it should be appreciated, not expected.

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Well, water’s just part of the group utility. I expect to make it, but a mage can’t know how many mana users are in a group before they join it so sometimes the stuff I make in advance isn’t enough, or they ask for an extra stack on top of it which throws me way behind.

Although it’s been amusing to see people beg for mage water in a zone’s chat, whispering them “I can’t make the highest rank water for your level yet but I can give you the next best thing” and either being completely ignored or told they don’t want it.

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One of my OG vanilla 60s was a mage, I always just made a bunch of water when I logged in in case I wanted to do group stuff or help out friends/guildmates. This way I didn’t have to sit around conjuring later.

Yes, I am a rocket scientist.


they are still a first-rate pick for strat-scholo-brs and ovbiously for BRD emperor run.

we’re still AoE’ing in the lvl 60 instances… it might stop for dire maul since tribute runs are mostly about sneaking around…


Could you imagine the complaints we’re going to see when they find out hunters get to live like kings?

Mages will no longer be the most hated class by the forums.


Hunters soloing DM is actually going to be hilarious


Im a tank who plays exclusively with my girlfriend priest. We could care less about AoE farm dungeons and will take any classes in our dungeons (maybe not 3x rogues/hunters or something though).

We definitely exist, but I’m ALWAYS gonna ask guild, zone, then world/LFG in that order for DPS. I’d find the largest guild you can for the leveling process to help with this.

I also typically try to only take people within 3 levels of the final boss (e.g. will start at 37 for Herod since he’s 40) and only 1 or 2 in the lower range to help keep it smooth. Whispering with class + level makes a HUGE difference when we’re recruiting DPS–shift clicking and scrolling through chat is a pain.


Ive done a couple dungeons with all rogue dps. Not preferable, but worked out fine.


Huh? No… I’m saying people have memorized aoe cleave and know it’s the most effiecient way to clear. Are… you being dense on purpose?

Good ahead a treat us with disrespect. Enjoy having no water, no teleports, no int buff and no aoe slows. We’ll find another group :slight_smile:


Since we’re hating on mages here.

Lol at mages that don’t give water for free when you politely ask in a major city.


Lol, how are you being disrespected? People don’t need or want certain classes in THEIR groups while grinding dungeons. Should mages throw a fit for 15 years of tank/heals saying lol dps, role a tank or healer if you want to find a group fast.

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Melee cleave groups do the same thing, and I see more of those than AoE cleave groups. You can always start your own group; the LFG channel on both of my realms is packed predominately with non-cleavers looking for a group, and non-cleave groups LFM.

It can take a very long time for mages to create even two stacks of water when they’ve learned new ranks within the past few levels. It requires conjuring a partial stack, spending 30 seconds drinking back to perhaps 2/3rds mana, and repeating the process over, and over, and over. And often the group just starts moving while you’re trying to get all of this done.

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It’s entirely different at max-level or when you are many levels beyond your newest rank, at which point your conjure is much faster.

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That’s really petty.

It still takes the time, especially with new spell ranks.

If they do it, that’s nice. But to expect it…? Lmao no


Yes. This is common knowledge. It’s most likely caused by the RMX Arena players coming to Classic.

Melee cleave groups are only a thing because of melee classes just straight up not being able to find groups, thanks to spellcleave groups poaching all the healers and tanks, and then refusing to invite melee.

Also you see more meleecleaves than spellcleaves? 100% fake news.

I’m very happy with downgraded water. Secondly, making food and water is Mages’ job in Classic. They should take pride in it, as opposed to offering up the bare minimum of work.

They should have plenty of water made before the group is even formed. But in case they don’t, and the group does start moving, that doesn’t at all prevent them from finishing making water. The group can take on mobs by themselves, while the Mage is busy. There’s no reason for everyone to just AFK while the Mage is at work.


Please stop whispering me randomly like this when I’m out questing. It’s annoying and spammy and a dead giveaway you don’t know me when you ask for a healer b/c you’d know I’m a tank.


I do? Well thanks for letting me know! I’ll pass that on at the next council meeting.


I usually make a post like:

combat swords rogue LFG . Can unlock all chests in dungeon and lockboxes up to . Veteran rogue/vanilla player.

I normally get groups in about 10 minutes pretty easily. I hit level 36, picked up the sword of omen quest for SM and got it done and turned in within a couple hours and went back to leveling.

I think I was more surprised that groups would take a 36/37 rogue into cath. To my surprise I was normally top dps and didn’t pull anything extra with my butt. :slight_smile:


I mained a mage classic-cata. Id thank you not to lump me into the group thats playing the class as a fad. I havent taken part in a spellcleave group myself either. I also summon water/food and drop portals at the end of instances.

When do i get my comeuppance?