How to instantly get into groups as a non AoE class/spec, no LFG spam


You make your own. And here’s my tip on getting a Rogue 1-60 dungeon geared/quests complete without any problems having to spam LFG. Don’t understand why people complain about this. This is what worked best for me.


  1. /who 44-50 shaman
  2. Type a friendly message to them, ex.

Hey man, interested in healing Maraudon? Building a windfury cleave group, have 3 quests to share.

  1. COPY the message before you send it

  2. Proceed to PASTE the message to all shaman’s in this level bracket that are online.

  3. Repeat steps 1-4 for 2 warriors, or a support class like Druid. You can also do this with spellcleave, but this is what I did for all my dungeon groups as a Rogue.

Guarantee you will have zero problems creating a group in less then 10 minutes.


Problem is they don’t want to make their own group. They’d rather complain a leader doing all the work of organizing has the audacity to not want their subpar aoe.

They don’t want the responsibility, just the benefit it would give.


I hope that when everyone is level 60 and no longer grinding xp, that Mages are treated with the same respect that they’ve shown every other class since launch.

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it’s unfortunate how trivial the 1.12 patch they chose for classic seems to be. Maybe there’s a bug with spell resistances that’s making elites more vulnerable than they were originally.

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How exactly are mages as a class disrespecting other classes?


You don’t even have to make your own. Lvl 56 and I was literally only ever in one AoE dungeon group…

I also haven’t touched WPL, EPL, or winterspring, so…tons of quests still to do.


Even if that is true, there’s still a way to get into groups, relatively easily. Rather than whisper simply, “inv” or “invite,” whisper your level and class, e.g. “18 rogue”

It saves a step for whoever is organizing, and may mean the difference between getting an invite and not for some groups.


Mages have a supremacistic mindset in Classic. They refuse to pair with anybody but themselves. They will form their “AoE Spellcleave” groups, and reject anyone else who’s not a Mage, that wishes to also do the dungeon, except for their tokens tank and healer.

And when they do get stuck with us “lowly non-Mages”, they refuse to give out more than, at most, two stacks of water. Even when more stacks are requested in advance. It would take the Mage mere seconds of their time to cast a few more Conjure Water spells, but apparently that’s too much to ask for.


What’s wrong with wanting to level as fast as possible?

It would take the Mage mere seconds of their time to cast a few more Conjure Water spells, but apparently that’s too much to ask for.

You clearly don’t know how conjure water works. Either you get stuck with vastly inferior water or chances are it’s taking ~10+ casts of conjure water just to make you those 2 stacks. Be grateful.


Well, you’ll be playing the game alone. Surrounded only by people who are all the same class as you, unable to complete content because everyone else is still leveling. Sure, you got to 60 fast, and I’m sure you’re proud of your accomplishment. But it’s a lonely life when you left everyone else in the dust.

Hm. Well, when I see them create 10+ water at a time, and the water is just fine for my level, I start to wonder why they couldn’t just do that a few more times to give me the amount of water I asked for. I don’t need level 45 water, as a 47. I’m very much content with level 35 water. My mana pool is only 2k, after all. Instead they’d rather be stubborn about it and be like “Two stacks each. That’s it.” Like, sorry that I asked you to do your job?


Here’s another tip, at least for higher levels, try to be the guy who has the key. I know that requires running the dungeons first, but when you have the scarlet key, the princess scepter, scholo key, strat key, ubrs key etc. people will like you. You might overlook this, but MOST players never bother to get these keys at all and simply expect someone else to have them. You can and will see groups instantly die on the spot when everyone realizes nobody else has the key.


You mean, since everybody has these dungeons memorized from when they used to play back in vanilla?

No, wait. Lots of people weren’t playing back then, and unbelievable, lots who were didn’t do dungeons.


I have no issues getting in groups here. I do mention I have blade flurry though and it tends to help.



I heal for dungeons and sometimes the mage in the group will only give me only like 5-8 water and that’s it. There was one time in SM a mage refused to give me any water despite me asking politely for like 5 times. I have to say mages really gave a bad rep in this modern era. Since then I stop signing up for aoe grind fest group. I have no problems working with rogues, warlocks and hunters though.


I am a mage and don’t think this way. And always make whatever refreshments anyone asks for, or to be more exact I make them and pass them out without anyone asking. So please don’t bucket all mages this way. You may have run into some mages like this, but not all of us think that way.

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You mean like when I go to a camp of quest mobs and kill something and they start sending me tells to leave and go find my own mobs because they are aoe pulling the whole thing for hours?

Yeah, they were not pleased when I planted my pet in the middle on aggressive mode. Everyone else I’ve run into in game has been cool (unlike the forums), and not all mages, but only mages, have had this kind of attitude so far.


Feels bad being an OG mage having these new mages give us a bad rap. I rolled a mage specifically to do support stuff likr conjure and make portals.

I dont care if some wanna aoe farm, but there is a definite attitude issue with a lot of mages.


This makes me sad…

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So you’re assuming the shamans, in this case, are all healers? But regarding the topic, you’re not wrong. That’s how I used to do it, just sending random tells to people. It was actually believe it or not a lot harder to make a group for a dungeon in vanilla because the majority of people were very cautious about dungeons.

Nowadays everyone wants to do dungeons and I think it has a LOT to do with how successful a tool like LFD is because it makes them very accessible to everyone. My point is tools have their ups and downs.

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It depends on the mage’s level and how quickly the group wants to move. When a mage first learns a new rank of food or water, they can only make two at a time, and it takes me a full minute of casting and drinking just to make a single stack.

There’s been a few dungeons where I gave out just a single stack of water and said that I’ll make more as I go, because the group’s already moving when I’m OOM and I can’t get more than a few seconds of drinking time for myself, which means I have to make even more water to offset that, while trying to set aside enough mana that I can actually do something in trash pulls instead of being carried while I drink.